Senate Republicans are going wobbly.


Senator John McCain says that Republicans should abandon the fight to cut off funding for Executive Amnesty.

And he’s not the only one.

Senate Republicans are about to
cave in to President Obama!

Will you please make a generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford right now to help us keep the pressure on these Senators?

We are not willing to give up this battle, but we must keep the Republicans in line and in the fight.

You see, some Senate Republicans – and even some so-called “conservative” pundits – want us to give up fighting the Democrats’ filibuster of the Department of Homeland Security funding bill.

No matter what anyone says, it’s the Democrats who are willing to shut down the Department of Homeland Security in order to protect the President’s illegal order.

But the Republicans are afraid to stand their ground because they think they’ll get blamed for it!

This is the same defeatist nonsense that resulted in ObamaCare’s funding in 2013!

It’s time for the Tea Party to ratchet up the pressure on wobbly Senators. If we can’t make them stand their ground, there will be no going back.

Please donate whatever you can.

A judge just issued a ruling temporarily stopping the implementation of Executive Amnesty. If anything validates that what we are doing is RIGHT, it is that ruling.

We need to pound this fact home. This fight isn’t simply over policy. And it’s certainly not about politics.

It’s a question of whether or not President Obama will be allowed to rule this nation like a dictator.

The Republicans have the power to hold the line here. They have the power to force the Democrats’ hand and expose them for the open-borders radicals they truly are.

They must fight every step of the way to prevent this unconstitutional Executive Amnesty from being implemented. If they fail, millions more illegal immigrants will come pouring into our country.

Please, make the very best gift you can right now. This is a do-or-die moment for this issue.

Things are moving so fast in Washington right now.

The American people hate this executive order. They don’t want President Obama acting like a king and imposing his radical left-wing policy at will.

But some Senate Republicans really don’t want to fight. Many of them are ready to simply give in.

They want to tell us they tried to stand up to Barack Obama without actually doing so.

Senator John McCain believes that Republicans should surrender on this issue – for political expediency’s sake.

That’s why what happens in the next few days is so critical.

The Tea Party must continue to show force so that every Republican understands that surrender on Executive Amnesty is not an option.

We must keep up our work of the last several weeks flooding their Senate offices with calls, petitions, and emails demanding that they stand their ground.

Please give whatever you can to help us fund this emergency grassroots push.

Our local Tea Party groups need our support to continue putting the pressure on their Senators. We need to remind the Republicans that they were elected to stand up to Barack Obama – not to surrender to him!

Please help us do just that.

Thank you in advance for all your help.


For Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder and National Coordinator

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