Senator McConnell says we need a punch in the nose


Senator McConnell against democracy and free speech

Yep. The establishment REALLY hates us!



Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell just said members of the Tea Party are “a bunch of bullies.” He even said our friends at the Senate Conservatives Fund deserve a “punch in the nose.”

It’s no secret that Mitch McConnell has contempt for ordinary Americans who are trying to change D.C.

But this violent rhetoric is completely uncalled for, and we can’t let him get away with it. Please make an urgent contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford today.

We must show Mitch McConnell and his big government buddies that the Tea Party is not going away.

We must show him that despite his threats we are growing stronger every day.

We must show him that Tea Party Americans will fight to save America and that we can never be intimidated!

And we need to do it right now – in a BIG way!

Look. Everything we have said about Obamacare for the past three years turned out to be true. But instead of thanking the Tea Party, or standing with us, the Republican establishment – led by Mitch McConnell – is threatening to punch us in the nose.

That’s why I’m asking you to donate what you can right now. We need show Mitch McConnell exactly what our grassroots army can do.

Senator McConnell reportedly issued this threat during a fundraising conference call on behalf of the Crossroads Super PAC.

This group’s mission is to protect ruling class Republicans by hunting down and destroying Tea Party candidates.

And they clearly mean business.

Please help us stand up to these big-government bullies. Help demonstrate the power of grassroots conservatives by making the very best donation you can today.

Mitch McConnell, his National Republican Senatorial Committee group, and these Crossroads Super PAC cronies care more about clinging to power than they do about helping ordinary Americans.

They believe that they can raise millions and millions of dollars from Tea-Party hating liberals and big-business special interests to fund an all-out political war against us.

They like Washington just the way it is and don’t want to change a thing.

Remember, Mitch McConnell is the man who just sold out Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and the House conservatives. He cut a deal with Barack Obama to fully fund Obamacare in exchange for a $3 billion dam project in his home state of Kentucky.

When this man steals from the American people, he does so with both hands!

And now that Tea Party members have called him out for his corruption and betrayal, he’s decided to try to crush our movement.

Please help us fight back. Make the best donation you can right now and then forward this email to everyone you know.

To Mitch McConnell and his big-government allies, we are the opposition. Not Barack Obama. Not the liberal extremist activists. Not the labor unions or Senate leader Harry Reid.

Just US.

Harry Reid just ripped upped the Senate’s rules and stripped Republicans of the right to filibuster. And how did Mitch McConnell respond? He made a speech on the Senate floor.

But later that same day Mitch McConnell was perfectly happy to jump on a conference call and raise big money by promising to crush the Tea Party!

This nonsense must stop. If America is going to survive, ordinary Americans have to fight back. We need to put sleazy, unprincipled politicians like Mitch McConnell in their place.

Please donate what you can right now. The ruling class politicians don’t believe we can raise big money. They don’t believe in the grassroots.

As Mitch McConnell just said, they think we are “bullies” who simply need to be taught a painful lesson.

They believe only professional politicians who love to cut deals and rip off the lowly taxpayers know what is best for America.

We must show them they are wrong.

Donate what you can right now. If it’s a political war the ruling class wants, then let’s give it to ’em!

Donate Now!

For freedom,

TParty-Jenny Beth Martin

Jenny Beth Martin

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