Send More Conservatives to Congress and Make Congress Work Again

It’s no secret that Congress is failing to get its work done. The tremendous backlog of President Trump’s nominees who are awaiting Senate confirmation, and the appropriation bills that Congress needs to approve before the end of the fiscal year are proof that Congress is not working as it should.

This past week, I authored an op-ed about the need for Congress to skip its August recess if it is unable to pass the twelve appropriation bills, and if the Senate is unable to make significant progress approving the president’s qualified nominees. Please take a moment today to sign our Honest Government Pledge, calling on Congress to get its work done before it goes on a month-long vacation.

Join the Honest Government Pledge

As always, be sure to share this pledge with your friends on social media.

As mentioned last week, if we want to win in November, we will need to make sure the strongest tea party candidates win their primaries (and, in some cases, runoffs) so their names appear on the ballots in November.

With that goal in mind, we are focusing our attention for the next week on the May 22nd Texas primary runoff. We have endorsed three solid conservatives – Bunni Pounds in TX-05, Chip Roy in TX-21, and Michael Cloud in TX-27 – and we hope you will join us in supporting each of them. Bunni, Chip, and Michael are all strong conservatives who will look to the Constitution to guide their votes in the House.

Please consider the following action items to help us propel these candidates to victory:

  1. Share our endorsement statements for Bunni Pounds, Chip Roy, and Michael Cloud with your friends on social media.
  2. Sign up to make phone calls to conservative voters in Texas. Even if you don’t live in Texas, your calls make a huge impact. (During the 2016 elections, our activists made more than 2 million calls to fellow conservative voters in target states. Our activism has a direct impact on election outcomes!)
  3. If you live in Texas, consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, explaining why either candidate should be in Congress – and why conservatives should show up on May 22nd. You can also sign up to volunteer for the campaigns of Bunni Pounds, Chip Roy, and Michael Cloud on their websites. They will reach out and connect with you about available opportunities.

Thank you for helping us send these three rock-solid conservatives to Washington. Your work this week will help determine next Tuesday’s election results!

In liberty,
Jenny Beth