Should Carly be in the next debate? The RNC refuses to bend the rules for her.


Here’s a quick overview of the latest political news:

Carly Fiorina and the RNC go to war over debate rules.
Carly Fiorina, the only woman currently seeking the GOP nomination, was not invited to the first GOP debate hosted by FOX News. And, based on her poll numbers and rank among the GOP candidates, she is unlikely to be included in the September 16th CNN debate, either – because, under the rules for participation created by CNN, the participation threshold will be set by an average performance based more on polls from before her knockout appearance in the August 6th FOX News “happy hour debate” than since. Fiorina’s campaign argues that she has been rising in the polls since the August 6th Fox News debate (true), and that the more recent polls should be weighted more heavily (depends on whom you ask). Her campaign wants the RNC to use its leverage to change the CNN rules … but so far, the RNC isn’t budging.

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Trump will not run as third-party candidate.
Over the past few months, many Establishment (and not-so-Establishment) Republicans have feared Donald Trump might decide to run as a third-party candidate if he fails to secure the GOP nomination. Trump himself help fuel those speculations by saying he was holding out that possibility to “get leverage,” to ensure the GOP Establishment treated him “fairly” (whatever that means). But now The Donald has spoken and is telling Republicans they have nothing to worry about, he will not run as an Independent.

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Scandal-ridden Clinton still in the lead.
As we at Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund have been reporting for the past several months, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been dealing with one PR nightmare after another. From breaking State Department protocol to use a personal email account, to lying in her press conference(s) to cover it up, to her flailing approval numbers, the Clinton campaign has had to work overtime doing damage control. But here’s the really remarkable news: Hillary Clinton is still on top. She leads in the Democratic primary by double digits nationally, and she’s competitive with every single Republican, when polled in battleground states. According to the poll averages assembled by Real Clear Politics, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 9% and Scott Walker by 5%. Whether this is more of a commentary on the resilience of the Clinton brand, or the “We’ve been at the beach for the last two months, so we haven’t been paying attention” attitude of her supporters, we don’t know.

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Kasich poses serious threat to Jeb Bush.
As Donald Trump continues to rise in the polls, Jeb Bush’s previous image as frontrunner is quickly diminishing. Trump has been outspoken about his disdain for Bush, calling him “incompetent,” and promising to handle immigration much differently than Jeb Bush would as President. Bush, who previously raised a stunning $120 million dollars earlier this year, is now finding it difficult to keep pace. According to Politico, Bush shared with donors his frustration about the “Trump phenomenon” with clear signs that he was exasperated someone else was stealing the show.

The person most benefiting from the Bush-Trump feud may in fact be … John Kasich. According to an article this week on Real Clear Politics, the. Ohio Governor has become a GOP establishment favorite. Kasich, like Bush, favors a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and strongly endorses Common Core national education standards. (What’s not to like, from the Establishment’s point of view?) Kasich is also a staunch supporter of Medicaid expansion – a key component of Obamacare. Because of those positions, conservatives have largely written off Kasich’s chances … but the establishment GOP is giving him a second look as Bush’s fundraising and poll numbers both decline.


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