Show Trial Backfires


 BBC used techniques Goebbels would have been proud of
Blair Brown Communications, formerly British Broadcasting Corporation, planned a show trial on television for Nick Griffin, Leader of the BNP.

The Question Time programme has previously featured a panel of five politicians and political commentators, addressing questions from viewers and the audience on a range of topical subjects. The BBC decided to use this venue to stage an ambush or show trial that said more about the BBC and the Blair Brown Regime than it did about the BNP or its leaders. The programme was entirely devoted to an attack on Nick Griffin and his BNP.
The BBC heavily promoted the show and the audience rose to 8 million.
The Blair Brown Regime decided after gaining power in 1997 that it would ignore the traditional Labour voters in the belief that they had nowhere else to go. Unfortunately, frustrated voters always find some way of expressing their displeasure and in the Labour heartlands have been increasingly turning to the odious BNP which is heir to Labour Minister Sir Oswald Mosley who left the first Labour Government to form the British Fascists Party before World War Two.

The Blair Brown Regime has finally woken up to the possibility that seats which the Conservatives and Lib Dems could never have won could now go to the BNP and are terrified by the prospect that the next election could see the Labour Party fighting with the Lib Dems for forth place in the total percentage of British votes.

During Question Time Nick Griffin was attacked constantly by the other panelists and the audience, which had been carefully picked and featured a very strong immigrant content, apparently including some illegals. The result was that the liberal and fascist elites congratulated themselves on giving the BNP a good public kicking, but the real result was that the BNP gained support.

From early opinion polls is looks like the BNP has increased support to more than 20% from those polled and one factor behind the increasing support is that waivering voters were decided by the demonstration of the BNP as David to the Goliath of the discredited sleaze ridden MPs of the traditional Parties.

It seems that those who previously considered the BNP an odious bunch of opportunists and racists held their opinion, Those who previously supported the BNP continued to believe in the Party. More than 5% of the sample said that they were now going to support the BNP and almost all of these were previously Labour supporters. Even more dangerously, 15% of the sample said that they were not convinced that the BNP were worthy of support but felt that the Labour Party was no longer worthy of support either. As the new BNP supporters were most likely to vote in areas that already had growing BNP support, this could mean that the BNP would gain its first Westminster seats at a General Election.
The publicity for the BNP did not end with the Question Time show. The following day’s newspapers and televsion news were dominated by the story and the BNP exploited this exposure by claiming that they had been unfairly treated and were intending to make a formal complaint to the Broadcasting Regulator about the BBC.

Ironically, had the Question Time programme followed its normal format, with its traditional low viewing numbers, the BNP would have rated hardly a mention anywhere.
Well thanks BBC for promoting another flavour of national socialism  just when Britons were looking forward to dumping the Blair Brown Regime national socialists.
Dan X

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