Sign the National Petition to Save Born-Alive Babies

If you believe babies born alive after an abortion attempt — babies with beating hearts and breathing lungs — should be saved, not killed, you need to sign the National Petition to Save Born-Alive Babies today.

Infanticide has always been unacceptable in modern civilized society, regardless of what one may think about abortion itself.

Yet, governors (as in Virginia) are discussing the logistics of infanticide in radio interviews. State legislatures (as in New York) are legalizing birth-day abortions.

Pro-abortion liberals want to talk about abortion in euphemisms and broad strokes, but the American people know what it truly is: a gruesome and barbaric form of killing children up through birth, and possibly after.

Democrats have rushed to block legislation in the U.S. House and Senate that would require the same comfort and care be given to an infant who survives an abortion as any other infant who is born.

That’s why it’s up to you and me to rally legislators to do everything they can to protect born-alive babies.

Sign the Petition

Shockingly, over 20 states fail to protect babies born alive from being killed outside the womb, even on their birth day, after an attempted abortion.

A recent vote in the Senate, aimed at correcting this travesty, failed to gain a majority.

It’s an outrage — and a black mark on the soul of our nation.

We must stand against this injustice — and we must pressure Congress to do so right away.

As the legislative affiliate of Family Research Council, FRC Action is a leading rallying force of the pro-family conservative grassroots in America, and we’ve been fighting for pro-life legislation for more than 27 years.

Currently, we’re focused on this national campaign to End Birth Day Abortion, and we are pushing at the state and federal level for legislation that will protect and support life.

Our goal is to get the signatures of thousands of Americans to represent the thousands of innocent lives taken every year at the hands of radical abortionists.

Will you help by adding your name to this national petition today?

We learned in the gruesome Kermit Gosnell case that newborn babies were killed even after they took their first breath. We must do everything in our power to keep this from ever happening again.

At FRC Action, we will not rest until we protect every single one of these innocent lives.

I hope I can count on you as we rally the pro-life leaders of our nation to boldly stand up for life and save born-alive babies.

Please sign the National Petition to Save Born-Alive Babies right away.

Thank you for your support, and God bless!

For America,

William G. Boykin

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) U.S. Army

Executive Vice President, Family Research Council Action