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Since he was elected in 2016, we’ve watched as left-wing extremists have tried every possible angle to remove Donald Trump from office.

They tried pinning more scandals on him than I can count. They tried impeaching him. Then, they tried ‘holding’ the articles of impeachment to twist the arm of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell into removing him!


But you and I both know that the only thing this president is ‘guilty’ of is fighting for the values and liberties held dear by grassroots Americans like you and me!


Will you sign the national I Stand with President Trump Pledge today and let the president know that he still has the support of the American people?

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Led by anti-Trump radical Nancy Pelosi, the left continues to spend taxpayer dollars — including upwards of $35 million during the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation — to try to paint President Trump as an ‘evil’ person who’s trying to push ‘extremist’ legislation.


Pelosi and her radical allies believe that they have a ‘mandate’ — a calling to reverse the 2016 election and nullify the votes of God-fearing conservatives like you and me.


Ridiculous! This president has done more for American families than any president in our lifetime — and I’m not about to abandon him now!


Personally, I am tired of radicals saying that a belief in the right to life, the protection of our religious liberties, and upholding family values is ‘extreme,’ which is why I’m leading the national effort to show President Trump that Americans of faith are standing with him.


Will you sign the pledge today?


As one of President Trump’s trusted friends and advisors, I am frequently in meetings with him and his staff.


In tough times like these, it’s my hope that I can show him 1 MILLION signatures on this pledge to let him know that the American people stand by him and his conservative agenda.


Will you help me do that by signing the pledge right now, and then joining us in the fight to reelect Donald Trump in 2020 to protect the right to life, our biblical principles, and our religious freedoms?


Faith & Freedom Coalition is on the front lines of our nation’s most important policy battles that will shape the direction our nation for generations to come, including the 2020 election.


The 2020 presidential election is going to be the most historic battle for life, marriage, religious liberty, and immigration that our nation has ever seen.


But the left is already turning the re-election of Donald Trump into a three-ring circus. By any means necessary, they want to halt and reverse every step we have taken together as voters of faith.


Never before has it been more critical for us to speak out for our shared values and stand up for the president who has the courage to advance those values in our nation’s capital.


That is why I need your help to stand up for the president today and show your vocal outrage against these political impeachment games. Please stand with the president by signing this National Pledge today!


Thank you for your support!




Dr. Ralph Reed

Founder and Chairman

Faith & Freedom Coalition