So Dithering Doris Bit the Bullet, or maybe not






So Dithering Doris appeared to bite the bullet during a walk in Wales and decided to call a snap General Election, but maybe that’s not what happened at all.

Its taken the best part of a year of dithering to decide to seek a mandate from voters, if we take her statement at face value. However, it is much more likely that she was looking at the huge lead for the Tories in the opinion polls, and the increasing prospect that up to 30 Tory MPs will be forced to stand down as prosecutions begin into the widespread Tory election fraud at the last General Election.

The loss of thirty MPs would in itself be a major blow and derail any BREXIT preparations, forcing a General Election. The probability is that all 30 would not go at the same time but a continuing drip of prosecutions would lead to deadlock in Westminster. By waiting for the prosecutions to start, the Tories could expect to see their opinion poll lead begin to crumble. Therefore, the Tories had no option but to seek a snap election and hope that this would then see the prosecutions vapourize as the CPS decided that it would not be in the public interest after another General Election.

There could be another reason though. There have been rumours about the Prime Minister’s health and Sky speculated before the May announcement that she might be announcing her resignation on health grounds. That claim might have been lost and forgotten when the announcement turned out to be a declaration that the Tories would run for a snap election. However, a shrill, near hysteric, denial by her spin doctors, together with a threat to bring legal action, against anyone making such a claim, has put a different light on the situation. Some conspiracy theorists have subsequently speculated that the PM could have serious health problems and the Tory Grandees might have forced a snap election on her so that they might gain a landslide and then replace her after the election. So far no one has presented any conclusive proof, so it remains speculation, only given legs by the protestations of her spin doctors.

It would have been wise for any new Party Leader who became PM, without even the mandate from the Parliamentary Party MPs, to either seek a snap election at the time of appointment, or clearly state that the BREXIT process should not be disrupted by an election campaign, saving the matter of mandates until either Britain had become fully sovereign and independent of the EU by an independence declaration, or a satisfactory conclusion of the BREXIT negotiations. Either course would have been justifiable and honourable. However, Dithering Doris seems have taken months to reach a decision, encouraging the belief she jumped before being pushed.

Of course any PM should be aware that Governments don’t win elections but they can lose them. A General Election is an opportunity for the Opposition to demonstrate that they are ready for Government and a change is urgently needed. That was always true in the old two Party system where it was a straight contest between Tory and Labour, with the LibDems serving only as a ‘not for any of the above’ vote. In the current situation that is no longer true. The Opposition in Parliament is an absolute shower and anyone who would trust any of them to run a whelk stall is probably in need of urgent medical attention. That only leaves UKIP as a Party (currently without any MPs, even though it came first at the last European Parliament elections and polled some 4 million votes at the last General Election) that could present a balanced and costed prospectus that deserves voter support. Time for UKIP to up its game and move forward.