So much for “unity”

This is absurd.
The Democrats did not have the votes to impeach my father, President Trump.
They already attempted to impeach him once, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, but that didn’t stop Democrats from putting on a show to appease their radical left-wing base and proceed with a trial in the Senate.

What Americans want and need right now is for Congress to do the work of the people by:

  • Protecting their jobs
  • Giving them access to vaccines
  • Ending the lockdowns to get our economy back to pre-COVID levels

It is clear that the Democrats are not listening and do not care. That is why we must stand with our fellow Americans and DEMAND that the Democrats stop putting the American people last. Take a stand NOW. >>>
Take A Stand ASAP:

Rush in $250=$1,250

Rush in $100=$500

Rush in $60=$300

Rush in $30=$150

Other Amount=5X Matched

The American people deserve better. We must fight back against the radical left and defend our America-First agenda. Stand with me and House Conservatives NOW. >>>

Thank you,

Donald Trump Jr.