So Very Very Sorry



A So Very Sorry Bunch of Liars

So the British political conference season has started and the serial liars of the three old failed Parties are trying to reinvent themselves in the hope that the voters will be too thick to remember their multiple failures.


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The conference season kicked off with the the only genuinely untainted, painfully honest and genuinely new Party, the UK Independence Party which was largely ignored by the liberal/socialist media. What a pity when this is the only Party to have said what it intended to do and got on with doing it. It is also the only British Party to have been consistently right (or right in any respect) on Europe. However, the UK Indpendence Party is now firmly in third place, having decisively overtaken the LibDems in the opinion polls.

The greatest pity is that there is no alternative to the UK Independence Party. The three old failed Parties will spend millions on trying to convince the voters that its a straight choice between Labour or Conservative, with the LibDems claiming they need enough votesto hold the other two Parties to ransom. Having failed in Coalition with the Conservatives they are now trying to get a deal with Labour for five years of continuing Ministerial salaries and chauffeured Ministerial cars.

Labour hopes that the LibDems have done enough damage to the Conservatives to let Labour win enough votes to form a Coalition Government with the LibDems in 2015.

The LibDems hope to win enough seats to be able to really screw up the next Government as well as they have done with the current Government. We can be assured that they will promise voters the World and then do the opposite but we can expect a set of cringing apologies in the Conferences that will follow.

Voters will have real choice in 2015 because they can either vote for the LabConLibDem option which is a continuation of the same old failed policies, the same old sleaze, the same old arrogance, the same old incompetence and it wont matter a damn which label voters vote for because the policies are the same and its just a change of management that will always be the same rich privileged kids who are politicians and nothing else. The alternative is the UK Independence Party with a fresh and original approach of applying common sense to Government and working to reduce the level of Government which is the only way to reduce the cost of taxation for all voters and a real prospect of economic revival.

It would be good to have a choice of Independence Parties but if the UK Independence Party does spring a real surprise and win enough seats to form a majority Government in 2015 there will then be time for British politics to be reborn as a two Party democracy, with the three old failed Parties consigned to the dustbin of history where they really belong.


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