Some Pigs Are More Equal


Baroness Scotland and Cronies consider themselves more equal than other pigs

A smirking Baroness Scotland likened her offense under immigration law, resulting in a £5000 fine, to a minor technical issue less important than forgetting to pay a London congestion charge.

Critics suggest that, as the senior Law Officer advising Government on legal matters, and architect of the law that she has just broken, she should resign from her Government post. Others point out that as an unelected appointee she should do the decent thing and resign her political peerage and spend more time with someone else’s expenses having creamed nearly £200,000 from the taxpayers in expenses as a political peer.

This overlooks the reality of the Blair/Brown Regime where Ministers only resign when they have been caught doing nothing wrong. The Regime started by mistaking George Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual, rather than the warning it was intended to be. Under the Regime, all Westminster pigs are considered equal but the ruling elite are considered to be more equal pigs than the rest of the herd.

Dan X.

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