Son of the Traitor Heath to Take On Democracy


Eco friendly bike riding Cameron followed by expensive fuel guzzling cars carrying his briefcase and clothes

In the lead up to the 2010 General Election, cronies of “Call Me Dave” Cameron were briefing that their man was “Son of Blair”.


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That was a silly claim when anyone with half a brain knew Nick Clegg was the “True Son of Blair”, able to lie with conviction on any topic.

Cameron is proving to be the Son of the Traitor Heath.

He is waging a war against democracy, tough on democracy, tough on the causes of democracy.

The latest strike against democracy is to prevent MPs debating EU Membership. The debate would honour the commitment to allow the voters to pose questions for debate by MPs. The motion to debate EU Membership sailed past its qualifying level in days with overwhelming public support.

Cameron knows that this is a vote he would lose which is why his pre-election pledge to stage a referendum was very quickly dropped in office.


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