Spending Review: local level healthcare commissioning


comment from Prahlad Koti, Vice President of Government & Health Solutions at Mastek, the provider of enterprise-level technology services and software solutions for public sector organisations, on the spending review and how George Osborne’s planned reforms will place more emphasis on commissioning healthcare at a local level.


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“Healthcare is at the forefront of the public’s interest and today’s spending review has reaffirmed George Osborne’s commitment to improving NHS services at a local level.


Collaboration and partnership within government sector organisations is changing and by encouraging investment in new systems that ensure closer integration between health and social care, commissioning bodies will be empowered to make decisions based on the needs of their community and gain greater control over projects.


However, despite committing an additional £3.8bn to the spending pot, the public sector is still experiencing a 19 per cent reduction in departmental budgets. As a result, spending will remain squeezed and local bodies will concentrate on how to bring costs down by forming agile partnerships with specialised organisations, that encourage flexibility, focus on early business outcomes (i.e. quick benefit wins), and accommodate the needs of local areas to improve the quality of care.”

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