Spin Doesnt Catch Crooks


Police Community Support Officers or Keystone Cops?

Shocking figures reveal that Blunkett’s Bobbies have failed miserably, with teams in several areas of Britain failing to detect a single crime, or write a solitary fixed penalty notice in the last twelve months.


From a distance PCSOs look like real police officers

When the Blair Brown regime came under constant criticism for their failure to deliver on their many promises to combat crime, presiding over a steady to rapid increase since 1997, they hit on the idea of hiring people and dressing them in police uniforms without providing the training necessary to equip a police officer for the job. Several of those recruited were only 16 years old, too young to join the regular police service – earning the label of “Babies on Patrol”.


Well now you know – it takes ten PCSOs to man a speed camera and they still can’t issue a fixed penalty ticket

The hope was that the electors would see PCSOs and mistake them for police officers, coming to believe the spin that the Blair Brown regime was expanding the police forces to meet expanding crime rates.

Alan Gordon, Vice Chairman of the Police Federation, representing real police officers, said of the shock figures, ” What these powerful figures show is that they (PCSOs, AKA Blunkett’s Bobbies) deliver very, very little.” Real police officers were even more candid than Alan Gordon, describing Britain’s army of 14,000 PCSOs as a cheap ‘con trick’ to make the public feel safe.

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