Stalin alive and well


It should come as no surprise that “Bottler” Brown and the Blair Brown Regime have encouraged police to act in breech of the 1688 Bill of Rights which first protected whistle blowers.

Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition were about to start taking apart the Budget fudge dished up by “Dobbin” Darling this week. David Cameron was due this morning to give an 08:00 press conference on the subject and Speaker Martin, who has previously displayed unforgivable partisanship towards the Blair Brown Regime, made a rare stand against the national socialists and allocated debate time to the budget.

The “Bottler” Brown reaction was to encourage police to arrest a Shadow Minister under the anti-terror laws.

Britain is sinking towards a Zimbabwe-style environment by the day – Stalin is alive and well and living in the Blai Brown Regime.

The further terror is that the Brown ‘plan’ to try to borrow his way out of the economic mess largely caused by his failed policies could lead to deflation, followed by Zimbabwe inflation and bankruptcy for Britain.

BSD Newsdesk

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