Stop ‘chasing rainbows’ says Eastern MEP in Maiden Parliamentary Speech on climate change


Stuart Agnew, the Norfolk farmer and newly elected UK Independence Party MEP for the Eastern Counties, has used his maiden speech in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today (20th October) to call for a drastic change of policy on the issue of man made climate change, which he said is a "myth" and described the vilification of CO2 as "Illogical and dangerous".

In his speech, made during a debate in the Europe Parliament on the forthcoming Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, Mr Agnew demanded that the EU and the British Government: "...stop perpetrating this myth, stop pandering to politically correct science and stop wasting money on the ludicrous concept of man somehow being able to control the climate.  Preparing for possible extreme weather and natural disasters is a far more cost effective use of taxpayers' money than chasing rainbows!"

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