Stop forced COVID vax on campus

By now, I’m sure you’re as furious as I am with the White House’s absurd and illegal COVID vaccine mandate.


The federal government has NO POWER to get involved in your medical decisions. PERIOD!

But for millions of college students in America today, it’s not just the federal government they have to worry about.


In fact, more than 2,500 colleges and universities are FORCING students to get the COVID vaccine… DEMANDING that they publicly share their medical history… and BANNING them from school if they don’t comply!


My friend, this is the pattern for vaccine mandates across America–including Joe Biden’s. And if we don’t stand up against it now, there’s no telling how aggressive the federal government will get in their quest to force this vaccine on you and me whether we want it or not.


That’s why Turning Point USA and our army of 400,000 student activists are leading the battle against forced COVID vaccines on campus. Will you stand with us today by making a generous, tax-deductible contribution of $25, $35, $50, $75, or whatever you can possibly afford to help fuel our ongoing efforts?

To ensure that students are ready to win the fight for freedom against radical college administrations, we’ve launched a “NO FORCED VAX” campaign and created engaging and educational activism kits that we’re ready to ship out right away— and we must get them into the hands of students who need and want them right now.


Your gift right now will help make that possible.


This move by the universities is not about vaccines AT ALL. It’s about freedom, choice, information, and constitutional rights.


Young and healthy students — the least affected by the disease — must be free to decide what is best for them alongside their doctors… not college administrators or bureaucrats.


The same goes for all Americans, but the Biden administration has watched what these universities have been able to get away with—and put their policies on steroids.


As I write this email, thousands of students have been denied reentry to their campuses until they can show proof of vaccination. One student at Rutgers was even locked out of his ONLINE college classes until he takes the vaccine!


If we let these schools exercise this kind of power over their students, I hate to see what the White House comes up with next!


We must win this campus battle right now, or we’ll be fighting it on our own doorsteps.


Please partner with TPUSA NOW in the fight against forced vaccinations! With your gift of $25 today, you’ll help fund one activism kit for students on a campus that’s essentially forcing them to get the COVID vaccine. These activism kits are crucial to teaching students how to stand up for their freedom at these anti-liberty schools.

Stop Forced Vaccination!


Thank you for your support!

For America,


Charlie Kirk

Founder & CEO

Turning Point USA