Stop the GOP Sell Out on Taxes

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Right this very moment a cabal of establishment Republicans are selling out the American people and the entire Tea Party movement.


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Professional politicians like Senator Lindsay Graham, Congressman Peter King, and even my own “Republican” Senator Saxby Chambliss are calling for massive tax hikes with few cuts in government spending.

And to make matters worse, they are saying it is “patriotic” to betray the American people and to give Barack Obama everything he wants!

Please make a generous contribution of $30, $50, $100, $200 or whatever you can afford to help us stop this Republican sell-out on taxes. We need to mobilize the entire Tea Party movement to shut down this economy-crushing betrayal.

Please, this is urgent. A tax hike “deal” could be announced any day now.

These types of sell-outs are why the American people started the Tea Party movement.

We realized in 2009 that the politicians in Washington couldn’t be trusted and that if we were going to save America we had to take matters into our own hands.

So we organized and protested and rallied. And we built a movement.

However, the politicians still aren’t listening. Even many Republicans are now saying that the American people aren’t paying enough in taxes and that the government needs more of your hard-earned dollars.

We need to fight back. Please make the most generous and urgent contribution you can.

In addition to raising tax rates on “the rich” some Republicans are seriously considering going along with Obama and reducing or doing away with tax deductions for interest on home mortgages or contributions to IRA or 401k plans!

And to make matters even worse, they aren’t even considering a massive overhaul of the tax code to make it simpler, fairer and flatter.

Oh no, their goal in reducing or eliminating these deductions is to generate more revenue for the politicians to spend!

If these politicians get their way millions of American families could be forced to pay thousands more in higher taxes.

The already devastated housing market could be wiped out.

Middle class families across the country could find it almost impossible to save for retirement if the money they sock away each month in their retirement accounts is now taxed!

Please, make the very best contribution to Tea Party Patriots right away. We have to stop this sell-out. We have to remind these “Republicans” that many of them wouldn’t be in office today if it wasn’t for the Tea Party movement.

Remember, in the negotiations that are going on right now, no serious proposal to slash government spending and reduce the debt is even being considered. NOT ONE.

So we have to mobilize all of our local Tea Party affiliates right away.

We need to hold rallies, media events and produce ads.

We need to flood Republican congressional offices with calls, emails an faxes.

We need to turn up the heat so high that these politicians will finally understand that the American people don’t want to pay higher taxes. They want to cut government spending!

Unfortunately, this massive campaign will cost a fortune. And we are only now recovering from the phenomenally expensive election campaign.

So, I need your help. Please make the very most generous contribution to Tea Party Patriots you possibly can.

If we don’t all take a stand now, the Republicans will give Barak Obama everything he wants.

And American may never ever recover.

Please do what you can.


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Jenny Beth Martin,
Co-Founder and National Coordinator

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