Suspension of Civil Rights


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, “Bottler” Brown invited the Chinese to send a gang of thugs to London to deal with protestors as the Olympic torch was taken through London.


It is unclear whether the thugs were specially licensed by “Bottler” to beat up protestors but if they were not that did not stop them.

So much for freedom of speech in Britain!!!

Lord Coe, former British Olympic athlete and a leading figure in the successful bid to win the 2012 Olympics for London, was one of those who was manhandled, giving some indication to British competitors going to Bejing of what they can expect. Lord Coe described the Chinese as thugs and deplored their presence, which seemed intended to inflame the situation.

Awarding the 2008 Olympics to Bejing was always questionable, given the Chinese performance on human rights and their occupation of Tibet. As news of the terror being visited on the Tibetans, and the ethnic cleansing that appears to be taking place there, it is difficult to understand how anyone can justify an international sporting event in China this year.

Some British athletes have attempted to justify their participation on the grounds that they will somehow persuade the Chinese Government to reform its totalitarian ways. They might be sombered to discover that their justifications are almost identical to those advanced by British athletes attending the Berlin Olympics in Nazi Germany. Whatever the athletes may have thought it, is unlikely that the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust would have shared their views.


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