Take Action: Stop Biden’s Radicals and the sinister HR1

Thank you for being a supporter of Tea Party Patriots Action. You are our activists, donors, members, and supporters who care about personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt free future.

In January, we asked you what you want to see Tea Party Patriots Action do during the next two years, and what areas we could improve. We heard from thousands of you. In the last few weeks, we read your feedback, considered the issues that concern you the most, and used your suggestions to form our plans for 2021–2022.


For 2022, our goal is to increase the number of Americans who will act on, stand for, and cast votes based on a legislative agenda that puts America first, values personal freedom and economic freedom, and supports free markets rather than socialist policies.


To achieve the goal, with your feedback, we will:

  1. Recruit, educate, and equip concerned citizens to become engaged activists
  1. Launch an educational series that explains how individual concerned citizens can move up a ladder of activist engagement.
  2. Assist supporters in organizing, engaging, and building relationships at the local level to educate and inform others of the importance of our values and issues.
  3. As we grow our engaged activists and grassroots leaders, weekly action items will gradually focus more on neighborhood and precinct organizing efforts.
    NOTE: Due to COVID and various state and local restrictions, we will work on educating individuals more than on building specific local groups.
  1. Educate and engage to ensure each and every legal vote is counted – no more, no less

To ensure Americans have hope for the future and faith they can make a difference in the political process in this country, we must have faith in the outcome of elections, regardless of who wins or loses.

  1. Work at a state level to educate on necessary changes to improve election integrity, and, where appropriate, give action items to help enact those changes legislatively.
  2. Expand poll watcher training program to recruit, train, and deploy poll workers, poll watchers, and public observers in key states for early voting and Election Day voting.
  3. Stand for safeguards to prevent election fraud, including voter id, increased checks and balances on mail-in voting, and voter registration process.
  4. Oppose HR 1, which we refer to as the For Politicians Act.
  1. Educate often and engage on national issues that are important to our cause

To persuade opinion effectively and answer questions from those we want to influence, we must understand why we support or oppose an issue, bill, or regulation. To elevate the importance of an issue with the public, from time to time we must take coordinated action.

  1. Focus educational efforts on the following foundational issues: election integrity (as mentioned above), free speech, healthcare freedom, rule of law, border security, economic freedom, free markets and capitalism, and constitutional freedoms versus socialism.
  2. Educational methods include documentaries, webpages, short videos, video interviews with experts, social media memes, webinars, and emails.
  3. Engage on legislative issues related to the foundational issues with coordinated calls to action to melt phone lines, write letters to editor, wave signs, etc.
  4. Premiere and launch two documentaries to educate about free markets versus socialism.
  5. Revamp, rebrand, and relaunch weekly livestream and podcast to better educate and inform our supporters and activists.
  6. Expand ThePatriotProject.com news website.
  1. Activate base to get out the vote based on our values in 2022
  1. Activists will send handwritten, personalized postcards and letters to voters in the general election cycle in 2022. In 2022, our goal is 3 million personalized voter-to-voter postcards and 750,000 personal letters to voters.
  2. Send 10 million text messages and phone calls to voters.

Please use this link to give your feedback on the broad action plans for 2021 and 2022.


In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin