Take Action: Stop Congress from Funding ObamaCare

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In March 2010, Congress passed the President’s health care law against overwhelming public opinion. This public opinion translated into major election results in November 2010, and has continued to be strongly against the health care law.


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Unfortunately, Congress does not appear to be paying attention. This week the House of Representatives is intending to pass – apparently with bipartisan support – a six-month budget that includes full funding for the Affordable Care Act. Tea Party Patriots stands against this flouting of the public’s will, and asks anyone and everyone who can send an e-mail or make a phone call to their Congressman to do so. The message is simple: in order to represent your constituents, do not vote to fund the President’s health care law. If you do, you are not with the American people, and you are with the bureaucrats and lobbyists in Washington.

Some people will tell you that Washington will be more conservative after November, and so we should wait until then before aggressively targeting the health care law. Unfortunately, grassroots activists have seen just how much value there is in waiting until next year – remember how spending cuts were supposed to be taking place in 2011 and 2012 if we only gave Republicans one chamber of Congress? Clearly, both parties have failed to hold to principles of balanced budgets and limited government, so it is the job of Tea Party Patriots to hold all Members of Congress accountable.

Your call, your e-mail, your activism is absolutely critical to our success, but it must happen as soon as possible. The vote takes place tomorrow. Thank you in advance for doing all you can to push for fiscal responsibility within our government.

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