Taking Voters for Granted


The three old English political Parties show every sign of taking the voters of Oldham East & Saddleworth for granted.


The Labour candidate in May 2010 was found guilty of lying to the electors and this resulted in his expulsion as MP and the calling of a by election. The honourable action of a Party that had been found out in one of many lies and a Party which was responsible for bringing Britain to the brink of bankruptcy would have stood aside. No surprise that Labour is fielding a new candidate and taking for granted that the voters are too stupid to remember.

The Whig candidate was responsible for starting the process that led to the Labour MP being expelled. He shows every sign of taking it for granted that he will be elected with a massive majority.

The Tory candidate is irrelevant. His leader has been doing everything possible to persuade Tory voters to vote for the Whig candidate to prop up the Brokeback Coalition.

All three old failed Parties assume that voters will only consider them.

Opinion polling shows a massive surge in Labour support. One reason for that support is that Whig voters are deserting in huge numbers and Tory voters who have been persuaded to vote Whig at this election are insufficient to make up the numbers for the deserting Whig voters.

What a crazy situation and how undemocratic.

The voters should be turning out to vote for the UK Independence Party candidate to show their anger at being treated as fools by the three old failed Parties. It will be interesting to see if the voters show that they are the fools the three old failed Parties take them for. Will an old failed Party candidate get the gold mine and the voters get the shaft?


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