Tell a lazy Senate to do its job!

As you know, Chuck Schumer and his Senate liberals have spent the past 15 months doing nothing but standing together as a brick wall of opposition to EVERYTHING President Trump proposes.

As a result, President Trump has had fewer nominees confirmed at this point in his administration than any of his four predecessors.


And he even thinks his relentless obstructionism will help give him a promotion from Senate MINORITY Leader to the leader of a new far-left majority of Trump-hating liberals.

That’s why your action today is important, Ian.

Senator David Perdue and some of the Senate’s most dedicated conservatives (including Ted Cruz and Mike Lee) have introduced an “Honest Government Pledge,” demanding that Senate leadership deal with all pending nominee confirmations and all appropriations bills before August recess…

  • …and if necessary, hold the Senate in session until all the work is done.

Please join our call for the Honest Government Pledge, telling Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Senate to do their jobs and get all their work done before taking their “summer vacation” (do YOU get a full month off???).

Chip in $50, $30, or $15 to help fund conservative challengers running against Chuck Schumer’s liberals, because as bad as he’s been in the minority, we do NOT want them to be in control of the Senate.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

P.S. Don’t let Chuck Schumer’s obstructionist tactics win in 2018 – your Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund donation will strengthen the campaigns of anti-tax, pro-borders, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Trump freedom fighters heading in to the thick of the campaign season.

Help us support the Honest Government Pledge!