Tell Congress: Cut Spending NOW

As I write you, Congress is behind closed doors working on its annual “Stab the Taxpayer in the Back Act.”

That’s not the official name, but it may as well be.  It seems like every year right around Christmastime, career politicians get together with DC lobbyists to draft another spending bill full of corporate handouts, welfare for special interest groups, and wasteful spending that shoves our nation deeper and deeper into debt.

Meanwhile, Congress continues to treat itself as Washington’s most important special interest group of all. Congress exempts itself from ObamaCare, getting illegal taxpayer subsidies to reduce their own out-of-pocket premium costs. And that’s not all. We’ve just recently learned about Congress’ secret “shush fund” – a secret taxpayer-funded account used to settle sexual harassment claims against Members of Congress and their staffs, that’s paid out almost a million dollars a year for the last 20 years!

But there’s a new sheriff in town. With President Trump in the White House working to cut spending and give those lobbyists the boot, you and I have a chance to break the vicious cycle of wasteful spending, increased dependency, and huge deficits, so please donate one urgent gift to Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund to hammer the big-spending politicians before it is too late!

The hard-working citizens of America are already drowning in debt.  The politicians have run up a tab of $21 trillion, and big-spenders in both parties show no signs of developing a conscience about their brazen act of theft, stealing from our children and grandchildren.

Thanks to patriotic supporters like you, we’ve elected dozens of Tea Party-aligned lawmakers in recent years. They are fighting a daily fight in the trenches, trying to rein in government and deliver a debt-free future to the next generation.

The problem is that our anti-tax, cut-spending freedom fighters are too often outnumbered by a combination of Nancy Pelosi’s socialists and weak-kneed RINOs.

Ian, if those politicians won’t see the light when it comes to our debt problem, we need to make them feel the heat of voter outrage, with thousands of calls hammering their offices in DC and thousands of donations going to support conservative challengers running against establishment liberals.


  • Cut the debt!
  • Build the wall!
  • No amnesty for illegal immigrants!
  • No ObamaCare exemption for Congress!

So please donate your most generous gift today.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

P.S.  The politicians are counting on you and other taxpaying CITIZENS of our country to be distracted during the Christmas season.  That’s how they plan to add billions more to our nation’s debt while giving amnesty to people who snuck across our borders.  Their bet is that you will be happy about the tax cuts you are getting, so you won’t care about another bloated spending bill that legalizes millions of illegal aliens.

I’m betting they are wrong, so please fund our efforts to aim the power of our Tea Party movement and pass a conservative, pro-borders spending bill now.