Tell Congress that they need to get serious about responsible spending and Second Amendment rights

With less than 20 days until the deadline for Congress to pass its fiscal 2018 spending bill, it is up to us to make sure all Members of Congress know how important it is to get our nation’s fiscal house in order.

Previously, we have shared our main concerns about the spending bill.

First, the spending proposals under consideration include massive spending. Over the next few weeks, our job is to remind the Republicans in Congress that they campaigned on being fiscally responsible. This spending bill is the perfect opportunity for them to show us they are serious about that campaign promise.

Second, as we have mentioned in previous emails, one of the most distressing aspects of the spending discussions is that Republicans are entertaining the possibility of including a years-long extension of DACA in the spending bill. DACA, Obama’s illegal non-enforcement of our immigration laws for so-called “Dreamers” (illegal immigrants who were brought here as children), does not belong in the spending bill, and should be addressed separately.

Finally, Republicans are talking about continuing to bail out the insurance companies through the spending bill. When ObamaCare was passed, Republicans correctly warned that it was an unworkable law that would wreak havoc on the insurance market. Over the past eight years, ObamaCare has proven to be every bit as bad as Republicans warned. Congress must understand that we do not want the upcoming spending bill to include any insurance bailouts. ObamaCare is a failure, and taxpayers should not be forced to bail out insurance companies to prop up the law.

Please take the following actions this week:

1. Call your two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative and let them know that the American people want lower spending levels, we do NOT want DACA wrapped up in a spending bill, and we absolutely oppose an insurance bailout. We have talking points below for your use.

It looks like we do not have your address in our system, and therefore, cannot locate the members of Congress that represent your state and district. Please Update Your Profile to have this key information provided in the future. In the meantime, visit our Find Your Members of Congress area to locate this contact information, or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be transferred to each office. (NOTE: You will need to call the Capitol Switchboard each time to be transferred.)

2. Use social media to help inform your friends and family about the spending bill – and ask them to oppose proposals to include DACA or insurance bailouts in the spending bill. There are tweet links at the bottom of this email.

3. Sign our petition to show your support for the Second Amendment.

Protect the Second Amendment

4. We have provided ways for you to get more involved in protecting the Second Amendment.

Thank you for your work helping us improve this spending bill, and for your work defending the Second Amendment.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin




    • The American people are opposed to insurance bailouts. The upcoming spending bill should NOT bail out the insurance companies.
    • Spending bills are an inappropriate vehicle for addressing DACA. Do not wrap DACA into the upcoming spending bill.
    • Americans are opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants. American voters want a thoughtful solution to President Obama’s illegal DACA. Congress should not use the spending bill to extend DACA.
    • Republicans are proving to be as bad with spending as their Democrat counterparts. The American people elected Republicans and gave them the majority in both chambers of Congress, in part, because we want lower spending levels.
    • Republicans need to live up to their campaign promises to reduce spending.

  • We stand by the NRA and their members who are exercising their First Amendment right to free speech to stand up for their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.
  • Our Constitution is critical to protecting the rights and freedoms we enjoy as Americans.
  • Members of the Tea Party were targeted for our political beliefs by the IRS and the left, and we stand with our allies who are also standing in defense of the Constitution.