Thank You! Tea Party – 1, Obama & IRS – 0

May 10, 2013 was the day that Obama’s IRS admitted to targeting tea party groups. Six years ago, yesterday, we finally got confirmation of what we all knew to be true – that Barack Obama had weaponized the IRS to target, harass, intimidate, and ultimately try to destroy the tea party movement.

The agency that has the power to ruin people’s lives was aimed like a missile, with precision, at the tea party because you and other patriots were so effective. And, rather than fight transparently, in public, with their arguments, President Obama and the Democrats scurried around in secret, deploying our own government against us.


But, you know what?


It didn’t work.


Yes, the tea party took some hits from that illegal, unconstitutional, and unethical abuse of power, and yes, the people responsible got away with it, but their intent was to completely destroy our movement, and yet we survived their onslaught – because of people like you.


You never gave up. You are active, you support other activists, you are engaged and resolute. You love your country and our Constitution, and you are committed to fighting. Despite what Obama tried to do to you and millions of other patriotic Americans, you held firm.


Thank you. Thank you for standing with me and everyone else that shares your values – to take on the Deep State, to stop the Deranged Democrats, to sideline the fake news media, and to prevent all the destruction they will rain down on our country if given the chance.


The left hoped that the IRS would shut us down once and for all, but this year is the tea party movement’s 10th anniversary, and that would not be the case without you. Thank you for giving our country, and our children, a chance at freedom and the American Dream.


So, today, enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that while the former President of the United States attempted to oppress and destroy the citizens that opposed him, he failed miserably. And, now he’s just a guy that the increasingly crazy Democrat party ignores because he’s not radical enough for them, while the tea party movement is making America great again because you stood your ground.

In deep gratitude,


Jenny Beth Martin