Thanksgiving Toolkit

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The Holiday season is just around the corner and if you thought you were going to get a chance to sit around the table and forget about the craziness of this world and enjoy some good quality time with your family, think again. Organizing for Action (formerly President Obama’s campaign engine Obama for America, then Organizing for America) is calling on its membership to sell socialized medicine at the family dinner table. They have created a series of talking points and persuasive tactics to try to convince their loved ones to sign up for Obamacare.



There have been a handful of online articles poking fun at this initiative due to the abysmal roll out of the “Affordable” Care Act and the website. However, OFA has been very effective with elections and we can’t discount that ability when it comes to pushing legislative issues. And in this instance, we have a bigger mountain to climb to repeal this law and save America from even more turmoil.

So, please find our toolkit that tells the truth about the harms of Obamacare and please use it if the situation calls for it. There is just too much at stake for us not to be making these points with as many of our loved ones as possible so that we can gain enough momentum to achieve full repeal.

Thanksgiving Toolkit

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