The Biden White House Will Pay for Playing Inflation Games

October 16 2021
Good morning from Washington. In a nearby county, a high school boy has been charged with sexually assaulting a female student in a bathroom. Mary Margaret Olohan reports on how women’s groups are staying silent about the case. Why is President Biden’s Justice Department fighting so hard to take down Texas’ pro-life law? Tony Perkins looks at the administration’s efforts. Plus: Armstrong Williams on how some Democrats are changing their tune on Israel, and David Harsanyi on the White House’s relaxed attitude about inflation.

Biden White House Will Pay for Playing Inflation Games
By David Harsanyi
White House chief of staff Ron Klain recently endorsed the idea that the inflation and supply-chain struggles Americans face are “high class problems.”
#MeToo Groups Silent Over Boy Allegedly Raping Girl in Loudoun School Girls Bathroom
By Mary Margaret Olohan
Advocacy groups that once emphatically urged the public to “believe all women” are now silent over a viral report that a skirt-wearing male student allegedly raped one of his peers in her school bathroom.
Biden’s Monomaniacal Fight to Stop Texas’ Pro-Life Law
By Tony Perkins
President Biden’s Justice Department (when it isn’t trying to prosecute parents) has been frantically fighting to stop Texas’ pro-life law from taking effect with almost eerie determination.
Eroding Congressional Support for Israel Is Cause for Alarm
By Armstrong Williams
It is stunning to see leftist policymakers bending over backward to use preferred pronouns while showing support for a reactionary Palestinian regime that does not allow for homosexuality.
ICYMI: Is America Repeating Cultural Split Between Rome and Byzantine Empire?
By Victor Davis Hanson
In 286, the Roman emperor Diocletian split in half the huge Roman Empire. As our country becomes more divided, this period of history becomes relevant.