The Brexit Battle Heats Up

As British and EU negotiators begin cursory talks on the future trading relationship next week, there are mounting concerns any deal agreed by October will lack substantial detail. The indication of detailed discussions only commencing during the Implementation Period and our having to succumb to a further 21-months of Freedom of Movement – is nonsensical. During this period, Britain’s negotiating strength will have been severely reduced, and there are still considerable concerns surrounding the final commitment to paying the £40 billion so-called Divorce Bill.

The Brexit Secretary, David Davis, is conscious of this and is attempting to supercharge the negotiations by sending hundreds of Civil Servants to Brussels. This was a decision which faced ferocious opposition from many in Whitehall, including Theresa May’s Brexit adviser Olly Robbins, who appear – worryingly – content to sit idly by and have the terms of our departure dictated to us by the EU! Davis has also written to Government Departments this week to reiterate it is necessary to complete negotiations by this autumn in preparation for a final vote on the deal in Parliament. It is time for the mandarins in Whitehall get on with Brexit, before the public get fed up with this and march on the Houses of Parliament!

The Irish border question continues to be politicised by those who seek to tether Britain to the EU – even after our departure. The “backstop option”, which would force Northern Ireland to remain subject to EU laws indefinitely, has today been endorsed by Germany’s Federal Minister as a solution to the problem. Not only is this intervention inaccurate – given the plethora of viable systems which have already been presented to avoid a hard border – it is also an inexcusable example of a foreign politician meddling in Britain’s constitutional affairs.

Many European elites are becoming increasingly concerned about a post-Brexit Britain being able to out-compete the stagnant bloc for investment and enterprise after 2020. The ability to create our own tax regime – one which attracts companies, and pursue a regulatory regime which enables new businesses to thrive – is a hugely exciting benefit of Leaving the European Union. The EU’s Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, still does not appear to understand this, and continues to plead with Britain to use the Implementation Period to ‘reconsider’ Remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union. He has also demanded Britain sign up to a “non-regression clause” which would stop Britain diverging from EU rules and tax rates. This is completely ridiculous. It is clear they are petrified of facing stiff competition from the UK after we break free of the shackles they continue to try and weigh us down with.

Meanwhile, the EU-funded CBI, the mouthpiece of multinationals, has called on the Government to commit to permanent regulatory alignment with the Single Market. A move which may benefit the CEOs of big business, and their dealings throughout the EU, but would continue to swamp small firms with mountains of red tape. NO! Brexit was not won by ‘big business’. This was a vote by the majority of the general public, and the Government must not be allowed to cave in by pressure from EU-funded groups like the CBI.

The Labour Party’s incoherent Brexit policy was on show yet again this week. The Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner was recorded using colourful language to describe Labour’s “six tests” for Brexit. According to Gardiner, Labour’s claim to seek the “exact same benefits” as the Single Market was “b******s”! The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, beset with his own problems, has at least reprimanded Gardiner for these comments. However, their policies continue to change from day to day.

Next week will see the EU (Withdrawal) Bill enter the Report stage in the House of Lords. Having so far been limited on the damage they can inflict to this Bill – which sets out how Britain will Leave the EU in an orderly manner – the fervently pro-Remain Upper House can now try and flex its muscles. Infested with the likes of Lord Adonis and Lord Heseltine, it will undoubtedly attempt to seize this opportunity to table a litany of amendments – but they are living in dreamworld if they believe they can go against the will of the majority of the Great British Public who want the Government to get on with delivering Brexit.

SNP politicians in the Scottish Parliament, led by Nicola Sturgeon, have similarly tried to frustrate the Brexit process by passing a “Continuity Bill”. This piece of opportunistic legislation seeks to snatch as many of the powers returning from Brussels to the UK as possible. Thankfully, in order to avoid a constitutional crisis, the UK Government has launched a legal challenge to strike down this Bill.  Given Sturgeon and co’s insistence Leaving the European Union would be a disaster for Scotland, perhaps the penny has finally dropped that it is in fact an opportunity to imbue the Scottish Parliament with new powers and responsibilities.

Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna – never known to shy away from the spotlight – have been in the news again this week. Having gained some headlines – solely for opposing Brexit – these Remoaners are spearheading a new drive for a Second Referendum before we Leave the EU in March 2019. This new campaign reportedly now has £1 million worth of funding – with George Soros continuing to pump money into this mission to subvert democracy. With time running out to reverse Brexit, and with polls showing a clear majority (65%) of the Great British Public rejecting the idea of a Second Referendum, this seems to be a final futile push. However, we must stay vigilant to ensure the EU Referendum result is fully implemented, and Get Britain Out is watching what goes on on a daily basis.

With less than a year to go until Brexit Day, 29th March 2019, Brexiteers are looking ahead to the huge opportunities of Brexit. One of the reasons we voted Leave was to reject the rigid, insular and protectionist EU, and embrace trading destinations in the wider world. This week, Canada and Australia both confirmed trade negotiations with the UK could begin on Brexit Day. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, wants an “even larger” deal than the previous agreement with the EU, while the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is visiting the UK next week for more discussions. Both countries have indicated they want a comprehensive deal to come into effect in 2021.

In lighter news, plans are afoot for a ‘Museum of Brexit’ to commemorate the historic decision of the British people to Leave the EU. The organisers of this excellent initiative are collecting artefacts and information from the Referendum campaigns in 2016 and previous moments in the long road to Brexit.


A Get Britain Out investigation was reported in the Daily Express this week. Freedom of Information requests by our Director, Jayne Adye, have revealed the huge numbers of EU nationals in our prisons, including violent thugs, murderers, and sex offenders. Jayne was quoted criticising the “huge cost to the British taxpayer” of holding these foreign criminals in British prisons. (‘DISGRACEFUL’ EU criminals in British prisons cost YOU £140MILLION)

Euractiv also reported on our investigation, which confirmed 4024 EU nationals were locked up in British prisons last year. It is time the Government sped up the process of deportation to protect Britain and save money. (Brexiteers cry foul over EU prisoner figures)

For The Commentator, our Research Executive, Peter Lyon, outlined the ongoing attempts by the EU to tie Britain into the European Defence Union. For the sake of our defence autonomy, the British Government must announce our departure from all EU defence structures in March 2019. (Slippery Brussels seeking EU army by the back door)

Speaking exclusively to Get Britain Out, Daniel Kawczynski MP discussed the significance of Brexit and why the Great British Public were right to vote to Leave with our Research Executive, Robert Bates. (Get Britain Out Interview with Daniel Kawczynski MP)

Writing for Comment Central, Robert explains why Britain’s post-Brexit immigration system should seek to recruit the most talented and enterprising from around the world, whilst also bringing down the number of people entering our country. (An Immigration System for a Global Britain)

On the Get Britain Out website, Robert discusses the possibility of the EU ‘cutting off its nose to spite its face’ by deciding to exclude Britain from participating in the Galileo satellite programme. Given the UK’s thriving aerospace industry, and expertise in the field, serious consideration must be given to the UK beginning its own programme. (The Galileo Space Programme needs British Involvement)

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