“The good people died first.”

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“Survival was a moral as well as a physical struggle. A woman doctor wrote to a friend in June 1933 that she had not yet become a cannibal, but was ‘not sure that I shall not be one by the time my letter reaches you.’ The good people died first. Those who refused to steal or to prostitute themselves died. Those who gave food to others died. Those who refused to eat corpses died. Those who refused to kill their fellow man died. Parents who resisted cannibalism died before their children did.”

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, by historian Timothy Snyder

The above excerpt is about the Ukrainian Genocide, a mass famine and man-made catastrophe perpetrated by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1932-1933.



Horrifying. Awful. And true. But, how many American high school students, or college students or young adults even know this happened? And how many know that this is inevitably what happens under socialism?


You know the answer: not nearly enough. That is why I am proud that Tea Party Patriots Foundation will begin production of a full-length documentary called Socialism Stories in 2020. The real people who bravely escaped socialist countries, telling their stories in our film, are our best bet to educate our fellow Americans on the true nature of socialism.


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Jenny Beth Martin