The Grand Index

Britain slipped further into the grip of the Police State when Home Secretary John Reid announced that the Internal Passport, or ID Card, will not be based on a new ‘clean’ database system. Allegedly to save money, from a national budget that has been spiralling out of control, the Internal Passport will now spread across three existing systems that will be linked together.

This will enable the Internal Passport to be available to the Criminal Database, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Passport Office and other undisclosed Government Departments.

By 2010 the ‘voluntary ID scheme’ will fine impose GB£2,500 fines on pensioners who do not ‘volunteer’ and similar fines are planned for those who refuse to ‘volunteer’ to carry their Internal Passports at all times.

Although legislation has been passed by Parliament to enable the introduction of the Internal Passport, this was on a proposal from the Blair regime that the system would be based on a completely new database that was free of the errors common in Government IT systems during the last 10 years.

The Work and Pensions database is notorious for its errors and more than 20 million National Insurance Numbers have been issued beyond the total population of the United Kingdom. It has to be assumed that these errors will carry over into the Internal Passport system.

There are several views of why up to a third more NI numbers have been issued beyond the total population. The kindest view is that this just reflects general incompetence but specialists in fraud detection point out that many of the extra NI numbers have been issued to benefit fraudsters who use them to milk large sums of money from the benefits system. Security specialists fear that some NI numbers have been fraudulently obtained by terrorists and will be used to obtain Internal Passports when these are introduced.


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