The importance of Mr. Smith going to Washington

How much do you know about the Senate filibuster?

Very briefly, it’s a Senate rule that protects the party that is not in control of the Senate.

In turn, this protects the American people from a slim majority ramming through transformative and sweeping changes that do not have broad support across the nation.


So, of course, Democrats want to get rid of the filibuster.


After all, how else will they shove their anti-American, communist, tyrannical legislation down your throat before they lose power? In fact, how can they retain power if they leave the filibuster alone?!


What can you do about this? In addition to making phone calls to the Senate, you can support our upcoming Mr. Smith Goes to Washington House Parties on April 22nd.


We know, from polling, that too few Americans know about the filibuster and why it is critical that it remains in place.


To address this deficiency, Americans all across the country will host house parties, inviting guests to come over and watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (an old Jimmy Stewart movie where the filibuster plays a major role in the story), and use the discussion questions we provide to spur discussions and educate their friends.


I need your help – you can sign up and host a party, ask others you know to host one, and you can support this project with a gift of $25, $50, or any amount that works with your budget. We use the financial support to put together house party packets and to ship them out to the party hosts, so that they are prepared and can easily get this done.


The more parties that are held, the more Americans will know and understand the danger of the Democrats’ attempt to remove the Senate filibuster, and that is a very good thing!


Thank you for all you do, and thank you for helping to educate your fellow Americans on this very important issue of the filibuster!

So grateful for you!


Jenny Beth Martin