The Long Road to Brexit

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The New Year has begun and the General Election approaches. In order to make it easier for our supporters to track some of the things we at Get Britain Out are working on in these exciting times, we are happy to announce the re-launch of our website! There’s lots of new information, and we will be adding more as time goes on.

It is only week 4 of 2015, and the Election campaign is already in full swing. You might expect our EU message to be lost in the pre-election discussion of the NHS, the economy and most importantly, Ed Miliband’s inability to eat bacon sandwiches. However, Get Britain Out has kicked off the New Year with widespread media coverage of our efforts to subject the EU to relentless scrutiny.

It is important the Great British Public recognises many of the domestic issues being discussed in the run up to the Election. They are directly impacted by the EU ‘super state’ we are being dragged into. Whilst the NHS is seen as a key election issue, the upcoming EU-US trade deal could put our cherished health care system on the road to irreversible privatisation. UKIP’s Janice Atkinson MEP has written for Get Britain Out discussing this worrying possibility.

Another key issue is the ‘cost of living crisis’ Labour have been harping on about this for the past two years. What moribund Miliband has yet to point out, is how the EU’s VAT rules are now in danger of destroying small businesses, forcing more people out of work and cutting their disposable income. We discuss this, and in particular how it will disproportionately affect women in UKIP Daily and The Commentator.

Miliband himself, and his suitability to govern this country as Prime Minister, is also seen as one of the make-or-break issues for Labour in this election. Anyone doubting his thorough unsuitability for the job should consider his reaction to the Paris shootings, when he claimed our EU membership helped protect us from terrorism. Get Britain Out was one of the first to speak out against him, condemning his reprehensible attempt to make political capital out of this tragedy, in both the Daily Express and Breitbart. But that is the least of it, we musn’t forget Miliband remains unwilling to grant the Great British Public an In/Out referendum!

The Eurosceptic vote will be crucial during this election, with a distinct swing towards Euroscepticism sweeping across the country. Lord Tebbit, former Conservative Party Chairman under Margaret Thatcher, recounts how his own experience with the European project led to his conversion from a Europhile into a Eurosceptic in an exclusive article for Get Britain Out. It’s a must read…

Earlier this week, the largest poll on Britain’s participation in the European project since the referendum of 1975, showed a staggering 81% of respondents want to Get Britain Out. We were quoted in the Daily Express welcoming the result. They followed on yesterday with coverage of the news the Conservatives behind the poll have written to the Prime Minister warning him they will not support any Conservative government which reneges on Cameron’s referendum pledge.

Get Britain Out’s work in pushing the case for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union is also making waves over in Brussels too. We are happy to announce we have now won the support of EU President Jean-Claude Juncker! Get Britain Out welcomes Juncker’s recent statement Britain should leave the EU – the first time in his political career Juncker has been on the right side of the argument!

We are winning the Eurocrats round to the Eurosceptic cause, so we must be doing something right! We hope we can continue to enjoy your support – as well as the support of all your friends and colleagues – as we press ahead with the Eurosceptic message in 2015. Please forward this e-mail to all those who you believe will support our campaign – or would like to learn more about Get Britain Out. Please encourage them to Sign Up to support our campaign in confidence, and they will be kept in touch with the latest, in-depth campaign news.

It is imperative, whatever the outcome of the election, the voices of those disenfranchised by 40 years of Europe’s erosion of our national sovereignty and democracy are listened to.

With our Best Wishes
Onwards and Outwards
Alan Murad
Get Britain Out

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