The media aren’t reporting this.

As Britain remains in a state of lockdown, I have spoken to an increasing number of people who wonder why they should sacrifice their normal life when our borders remain open and our authorities fail to run basic health checks or quarantine on new arrivals into our airports. Ever since February 21, when the Italian region of Lombardy was put into lockdown, I have railed against the fact that air passengers have been allowed to pass freely through our airports without scrutiny.

It is therefore bizarre – to say nothing of irresponsible – that it is only now that the UK is even considering a two-week period of isolation for people arriving from overseas. Any subsequent inquiry into this pandemic will show that Britain allowed the continued importation and spread of this disease.
But there is another issue which is making many of us many angry. Illegal immigrants continue to arrive on our shores in small boats which cross the English Channel. The total number of such migrants arriving on the south coast since we went into lockdown five weeks ago is over 531. Of course, these are the ones we know about because they were intercepted. How many others have slipped through the net? Many of these migrants are coming from camps in which we know there is an outbreak of Covid-19. I went down to take a look for myself, and you can watch the video here.
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Our media outlets are deeply reluctant to talk about this topic and are continuing to ignore a story I believe the public feels very strongly about. Our new Home Secretary, who vowed to take a tougher line on the issue of illegal entry to the UK, has also chosen to remain silent. Priti Patel needs to act quickly. If she does not, thousands more will arrive across the Channel as this health crisis continues over the summer.
Best wishes,

Nigel Farage
Leader of The Brexit Party