The runoff is tomorrow and we are still short


Here’s the situation in Mississippi. We still have thousands and thousands of doors to visit before the polls close tomorrow night. Our volunteers still need door hangers and campaign literature – badly.

AND . . . Thad Cochran’s “supporters” are funding local Democratic get-out-the-vote activists with “walking around money” to help turn out liberal voters for Cochran!

Please make an urgent contribution of $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to our Mississippi Victory Money Bomb.

Because time is so short, I’ve had to already authorize the printing of the door hangers and campaign literature our volunteers need.

Now I must raise the money to pay for them!

Please do what you can right now.

The battle in Mississippi between grassroots conservatives and the Ruling Class Republican establishment is brutal.

If you’re not convinced, just click below to watch a quick video with the latest from Mississippi.



As I’ve told you before, Thad Cochran is no longer even pretending to be a “conservative.” He’s campaigning on everything from increasing food stamps to supporting the Department of Education’s control over Mississippi’s schools.

He’s openly trying to bribe voters with pork barrel spending. His supporters are spending more time and money organizing liberal Democrats than they are talking to conservative or independent voters!

Chris McDaniel must win this election. If Thad Cochran wins, he will vote in lockstep with Harry Reid and the rest of the Obama Democrats. That’s the deal he’s made.

We are bringing in volunteers from all over the country for this one last get-out-the-vote blitz. These activists are energized and they are determined.

They understand what is at stake in this runoff election. They are willing to work nonstop between now and when the polls close tomorrow.

That’s why I went ahead and authorized the printing of all these extra materials for today and Tuesday.

I’m gambling that we’ll be able to meet our money bomb fundraising goal by tomorrow night and pay these bills.

So, I desperately need your help NOW.

Donate whatever you can immediately. Please just click here.

Every penny of your contribution will directly fund our massive get-out-the-vote effort in Mississippi.

Every cent will help Chris McDaniel beat this unholy alliance of “moderate” big-government Republicans and local left-wing Democratic activists.

Please do what you can right now.


Donate Now!

For freedom,

Jenny Beth Martin