The Senate is coming back to work…

Thanks to Patriots like you, we were able to successfully demand that Senators skip their month-long vacations if they failed to get their jobs done beforehand. After all, hardworking Americans don’t get an “August Recess” — so why should they?

As they begin flying back to Washington, it’s important that we keep up the pressure and make them focus on getting important work done for We The People.

Will you help us keep these Senators in line by contributing $50, $30, $15 or whatever you can afford, today?

So many major agenda items are piled up on their desks, and it’s our mission to make sure EACH OF THEM makes it to a floor vote:

  • Confirm President Trump’s Nominees, including JUDGE BRETT KAVANAUGH for the U.S. Supreme Court and dozens of other conservative judges for federal courts.
  • End the Congressional Exemption from ObamaCare and force elected officials to live under the same laws they imposed on the rest of us.
  • Stop Spending Money We Don’t Have and Balance the Budget in 5 years or less by making the hard choices and enacting much-needed spending reforms.

During an election cycle, political elites and their allies in the liberal media focus too much on campaigning when they SHOULD be doing their jobs.

It’s up to us to remind them that they’re in Washington to DO THEIR JOBS, not run for re-election. They can do that on their own time, not the taxpayers’. Can I count on your voice and support?

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

P.S. Thanks to the success of our Honest Government Pledge, D.C. lawmakers are feeling the heat from taxpayers who demand results. As such, they’ve canceled their “August Recess” and will return to work, next week.

Help to make sure they get the job done — pitch in $50, $30, or $15 to help us hold their feet to the fire!