The Travels of Blundercam – Blitzing the US


In 1940 Britain and the Commonwealth stood alone

Blundercam, Leader of the Brokeback Coalition, took a trip to the US to meet Kenyan President Obama. This was the first outing to unveil the new British Foreign policy. In private, Blundercam warned the Kenyan President that any further unwarranted attacks on Britain would not pass without a vigorous response, such as withdrawing British troops from Afghanistan. In public Blundercam tried rewriting history to stroke US feathers. He claimed that Britain was the junior partner of the US in 1940 in the war against national socialism.

For BSD readers who might be confused by this, the real situation was:

In 1938, Britain and France tried appeasement to prevent Germany starting a new world war. It didn’t work and in 1939, Britain and France were forced to declare war on Germany. Had they taken this action in 1938, Germany would have been defeated rapidly. By delaying the hard decision, France and Britain were forced into retreat. The French collapsed and then followed a policy of collaboration, with the exception of a small Free French force. As France prepared to collaborate with the German national socialists, Britain worked to evacuate British troops from Dunkirk and take off as many French troops as the Royal Navy could.

At this time Joe Kennedy, bootlegger, US Ambassador to Britain and head of the new US royal family was advising Washington that German troops would be marching through London any day.

The US decided to squeeze every once of gold out of Britain and attempt to take over Commonwealth countries. Britain was not a junior partner of the US but a victim being exploited with the US shipping obsolete and unwanted munitions at inflated prices. The level of exploitation is demonstrated by the fact that Britain only made the final payment in 2006.

In December 1941 the Japanese trashed the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour and Germany declared war on the US, forcing the US to join the rest of the free world. Even in 1944 in Europe the US were still the junior military partner, their contribution dwarfed by that of the Russian national socialists. The US had also failed diplomatically, creating the enslavement of a large part of Europe in 1945 and the foundations for the Cold War. US diplomatic ‘success’ also laid the foundations for the Middle East Wars that started in 1946 and will probably lead to nuclear war.

In the Pacific, it was largely a US war. However, British carriers saved the USN by operating close to Japanese suicide plane bases where the tougher British carriers could take suicide plane strikes and keep fighting where US warships were disabled or destroyed.

World War II followed the pattern of World War I where the US concentrated on commercial exploitation of Britain and France, joining the battle only after the really hard work had been done.

That should not minimize the heroic efforts of Americans, particularly those who ignored their Federal Government and volunteered to join British forces before December 1941. Usually its the people who are let down by their politicians and the fortunes of Britain and the US have always advanced when the two countries work together.


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