Theresa May’s Head in the Sand on Chequers!

The Chequers plan is dead. Not only has it united Leavers and Remainers across the country, but also EU negotiators in Brussels. Theresa May must pull her head out of the sand and act upon creating an alternative which would properly honour the Referendum result. The Prime Minister was completely humiliated at the EU’s summit in Salzburg the other week when she was told her Chequers proposal simply “will not work”. Mrs May must go back to the drawing board and needs to listen to others who are proposing new directions for the Brexit negotiations.

Last night, the former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, set out his ‘Brexit Manifesto’ to challenge and oppose Theresa May’s Chequers proposal. Mr Johnson has a clear six-point plan, which includes negotiating a “SuperCanada” free trade deal; investing more in border controls; and beginning trade negotiations with the rest of the world in April next year. He rightly argues Britain “should seek the same freedoms and opportunities in its relations with the European Union as any other independent and democratic country”. Such a deal would allow us to have the sovereign right to make our own laws and control our own trade policy, whilst working with the EU on matters of mutual interest such as security, counter-terrorism and defence cooperation.

A SuperCanada deal proposes zero tariffs on all imports and exports between the UK and the EU, as well as drawing up Mutual Recognition Agreements which would cover UK and EU regulations now and in the future. This would be a preferable alternative to Mrs May’s ‘Common rulebook’ farce. Johnson also advocates using modern technology to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It is time for Mrs May to rip her Brexit “backstop” agreement, as a comprehensive free trade deal with the EU would limit the need for checks at the border (which actually already exists for other purposes, such as VAT) through technology. According to Johnson, with the Government negotiating a SuperCanada-style free trade deal would “fulfil the instruction of the people”.

Similar plans to provide an alternative to Chequers were published earlier this week by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), known as ‘Plan A+’. This reopens the door to a comprehensive free trade deal which May previously promised long ago in her Lancaster House speech. It has been backed by prominent Brexiteers such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Davis, and Theresa Villiers. Their plan involves the prospect of an advanced free trade deal with the EU based on zero tariffs and the global practice of ‘mutual recognition’, which would not require the UK to surrender jurisdiction to European courts. The IEA want to avoid the cherry-picking issues of the Chequers plan. However, if the EU does not accept any new negotiating terms, then we must be prepared to walk away and opt for a ‘No Deal’ and trading with the EU under WTO tariffs, as we do with the rest of the world.

However, the prospect of anything like a Canadian-style deal with the EU could be threatened by Remainer MPs. Former Home Secretary, Amber Rudd – who may well lose her seat at the next General Election due to her low majority in a 56.2% Leave constituency – has suggested MPs could block ‘No Deal’ in Parliament, and instead force a Second Referendum. And how many more votes after that when Leave win again and again? This would be an absolute disaster for our democracy! In the EU Referendum, the largest mandate ever was given to the Government – by the people – to negotiate Leaving the European Union on their behalf. Many of the rebel Remoaner MPs need to be reminded they also represent constituencies which overwhelmingly voted to Leave, because the voters relished the idea of us ‘Taking Back Control’ and being released from the shackles of the EU.

The EU has also been stepping up their plans for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit following the threats made at the Labour Party Conference. A leaked diplomatic memo revealed growing fears among Member States there is a high chance of the Prime Minister being unable to get any negotiated deal through Parliament – even if we end up with a rubbish deal. Jeremy Corbyn said he would only support Mrs May’s deal if she agrees to the Labour Party’s new 6-point plan, which includes keeping the UK in a customs union with the EU. It seems the Party’s 2017 Manifesto pledge, which promised voters Labour would leave the Customs Union, was an outright lie, and Labour MPs were voted into Parliament under false pretences!

After Labour’s Party Conference, Corbyn and his Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, flew to Brussels to meet with the Chief EU Negotiator, Michel Barnier. The Labour leader has been rightly accused of putting a deal with the EU at serious risk and is completely undermining the country’s negotiating position. Former UKIP leader and leading figure in the Leave Means Leave campaign, Nigel Farage, suggested the European Commission views Corbyn as a “useful idiot” and working-class Labour voters should feel “betrayed and angry at his ill-thought-out strategy”. Corbyn and the Labour Party should stay out of the negotiating process and let our Government get on with the job of delivering Brexit.

There have also been outrageous rumours about Martin Selmayr – nicknamed ‘The Monster in Brussels’ because of his ruthless and abrasive political style. He is Brussel’s top civil servant who has been nothing but disrespectful throughout the Brexit process, and it is now rumoured he may become the EU’s first ambassador to Britain. However, this has been formally denied by the European Commission. Only time will tell. Among other things he has been blamed for leaking a confidential conversation between the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker and Theresa May to the German press recently.

The Conservative Party’s Annual Conference in Birmingham begins this weekend, and it has been confirmed Boris Johnson will be attending a fringe event next Tuesday. It will be interesting to see what he will be planning to say and his vision for a brighter future outside the EU after his latest Brexit ideas have been revealed! This is likely to overshadow the Prime Minister’s own speech the following day. There have also been rumours of activists attempting to disrupt Mrs May’s speech on this final day of the Conference – but no doubt the police will be on the lookout to quickly curb any protests.

In order for Brexit to achieve what was proposed in her Lancaster House speech, Theresa May needs to chuck her Chequers proposal immediately and start listening to the other ideas being proposed, before going into the October meetings with the EU to negotiate a clean Brexit from the EU. Whether this is the proposed SuperCanada free trade deal or walking away from the negotiating table to embrace WTO terms.

We urge all of our supporters to keep placing immense pressure on the Prime Minister and your local MPs to ensure we do not end up with this Brexit fudge when it comes to March 2019. It is time to expose the most anti-democratic Tory and Labour MPs across the country. They must not be allowed to get away with their feeble attempts to try to overturn the Referendum result. Get Britain Out has done extensive research on how Eurosceptic each MP is and their voting records on Brexit. Please click here for further information.

Early next week we will be sending out a special ACTION E-BULLETIN, asking you to POST letters to your MPs – by 1st class post please, so get ready with the stamps – to both Leave and Remain MPs – to encourage them to get behind a revised BREXIT Plan. We will provide you with more template letters to copy and paste if you so wish. It is vital to engage with both Leave and Remain MPs. Even if you have had the experience of MPs ignoring your e-mails and letters, they are your representatives in Parliament. If ALL MPs do not get piles and piles of letters (not e-mails) in their constituencies telling them exactly how you feel (even if they support Remain) we only have ourselves to blame!

Less than 200 days now until we take back control and regain our independence!!!


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