They need to hear from you!

Students across the nation — young Americans who love our nation, our flag, and our freedoms — are heading back “behind enemy lines” to college campuses dominated by the radical Left.

These vicious campus Leftists will do all they can to indoctrinate the next generation with toxic lies; push dangerous, anti-America, socialist ideologies; and try to censor or “cancel” any Conservative students who dare to speak up against them.


America-loving young people need to hear from Real Americans like you! Will you sign this note of support to students returning to liberal campuses?


Conservative students must know that the leftist professors and administrators they hear every day on campus do not represent the views of most Americans and that the majority of Americans are rooting for them.


That’s why, this fall, Turning Point USA will activate and train EVEN MORE young Conservative activists this year … will share our winning, pro-America message on EVEN MORE campuses … and will build an army of EVEN MORE than 400,000 student activists who believe in American Greatness and who are ready to fight — and win — the American Culture War against the Left.


Let these patriotic young Americans — the Turning Point Generation — know that YOU are with them!

Sign The Note of Support

You and I must remind these America-loving students not to be intimidated by the viciousness of the radical Left.


We must ensure the next generation isn’t poisoned by lies that would teach them to hate our great nation and all that it stands for.


We must let these students know that while they may be tested for standing true to their Conservative principles, values, and beliefs … they are not fighting alone and they WILL win in the American Culture War against the campus left.


Please add your name RIGHT NOW to this note of support to Turning Point USA students so they return to campus knowing Real Americans support them.

Sign The Note of Support

For America,


Charlie Kirk

Founder & CEO

Turning Point USA