they say “that can’t be done” but here’s what I say

Right now in Michigan, we’re facing total crisis.

No work. No opportunity. And no leadership.
Our people are struggling and we’ve got an entire political class offering nothing better than what we’ve got. The people demand better, and politicians turn around and say “that can’t be done.”

Maybe they’re right. It can’t be done. Not with them.
But I know better than anyone when there is real, effective leadership: magic can happen.
That’s why Michigan could use a good leader right about now. CHIP IN FOR THE CHIEF >>

When I took over as Detroit’s Chief of Police, I was facing the impossible.
I was walking into a city overwhelmed by crime. A city whose people hated the police – whose streets were filled with anti-police activists. We were crippled. But with a major show of strength, we cleaned it right up. We took a stand for what is right and faced the crime head-on. 35 arrests later we had the support of the city.
That one show of strength had a major, domino effect towards accomplishing good. And now, I need you behind me for a show of strength.


As of right now, we’re just days away from the biggest test of our campaign yet…
It will be our first show of fundraising strength in this race for governor.
As you can imagine – career politicians LOVE these deadlines. They scour every line, along with the media, determining which candidates have the strength to continue running for office. All based on how much money they’ve raised that quarter.
They see these reports as a way of separating the winners from the losers.
If we don’t meet our fundraising goals this quarter, you can bet a room full of corrupt politicians in Michigan will breathe a sigh of relief.
But if our numbers are big? Well, they’ll know how serious we are. That’s why I’m setting a bold goal of raising $500,000 online before we hit our October 20th deadline.
Will you be strong with me today and become an End of Quarter donor now?

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For those of you with finance or business backgrounds, you might be scratching your head and thinking: Isn’t the end of the financial quarter on September 30?
Usually, you’d be right – but Michigan’s campaign finance laws have a different schedule. This gives us a critical extra 20 days to rally our supporters.
And for us, it’s a crucial time to capitalize on all the momentum we’ve seen lately.

  • Right now, we have a 30 point lead in the primary.
  • We’re TIED with Gretchen Whitmer in the general election.
  • And the polling shows that the more we get the word out, the more people support our campaign.

That means: if we meet this End of Quarter goal and STAY STRONG, we have the chance to turn that tie into a clear lead against Gretchen Whitmer. And we know, I’m the only candidate in this race who can do that.
I will always lead from the front, embrace our freedom, and solve our problems.
Because I know that’s what Michigan needs.
But I can’t do it without the support of conservatives like you.
Please, let’s prove how strong we really are. Chip in now to help us hit our first quarter fundraising goal of $500,000 raised online:
Thanks for standing with me,

Chief James Craig