They weren’t “Easter worshippers,” they were Christians, and they’re the most persecuted people in the world.






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This is a special email from our entire support team. We felt that it was important to go on record about the disturbing trend among many Democrat leaders to downplay the violence and persecution against Christians around the world, especially in light of their attempts to deny Christians – and particularly conservative Christians – their rights here at home.

Words matter – especially the words chosen by powerful people like former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In the wake of the horrific attack on Christians in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, multiple Democrats used the phrase “Easter worshippers” in statements condemning the violence. These Democrats very deliberately avoided using the word “Christians” to describe the victims who were targeted precisely because of their Christianity, on their most Holy day. They very deliberately left out the motivation for the attack, which means they left out the motivating ideology of the terrorists that murdered nearly 300 people and injured 500 more human beings.


However, when the recent mosque shootings happened in New Zealand, these same Democrat leaders were very clear – as they should have been – and noted that Muslims were attacked. They extended their sympathies to the Muslim community, and they called out the white supremacist ideology that drove the shooters to attack a mosque in particular. But, for the Christians in Sri Lanka, there was no mention of Christians or Christianity or the Christian community. There was no mention that Christians are the most persecuted religious group globally, and how in that context, this attack is part of a larger problem worldwide. There was no mention that radical Islamic terrorists planned, plotted, and deliberately attacked multiple churches on Easter so that they could very purposefully murder Christians.


I said that words matter. But why do the words of these Democrat leaders matter? Christians and non-Christians alike are not offended simply because we are politically-correct snowflakes that insist on the right words being used so our feelings don’t get hurt. It is offensive and worrisome because the powerful people who deliberately refused to use the word Christian when Christians were murdered by radical Islamic terrorists on Easter Sunday are the same powerful people who actively seek to deny Christians their God-given and Constitutionally-protected right to freely exercise their religion in the United States of America.


Christian business owners have been targeted for years, faced with the choice of either violating their consciences or going out of business; Christian students are targeted by school administrators, teachers, and other students, whether they are in K-12 or in college; and Christians have been hounded out of their jobs just for peacefully practicing their religion.


So, yes, when the Democrat party that is trying to drive Christians from the public sphere in our own country, deliberately ignore and downplay the violence and persecution against Christians globally, it is worrisome, and it can’t be ignored.


For ten years the tea party movement has fought to protect and uphold our Constitution, and our core values compel us to speak up when we see American political leaders moving in a dangerous direction.


Let me just say this: we may wage a lot of battles about economic policy, but our fight is about more than just lower taxes. It is also about the fundamental values of a free society and what it means to be a human being, born with the natural, God-given right to be free.


I speak for the rest of the staff here at Tea Party Patriots Action when I say that our hearts ache for the victims of this brutal terrorist attack, and for all of the persecuted Christians across the world. We are holding up the victims and their families in prayer and invite you to do the same.


In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin