Third Grader Forced to Remove “Jesus Loves Me” Mask

Lydia is a typical nine-year old.

She enjoys roaming around her family farm in Braxton, Mississippi, playing with her dogs, and feeding the family’s chickens. She also loves caring for her bearded lizard Arlo.

But Lydia’s faith is not so typical. She has a deep love for Jesus and an incredible witness for her Christian faith.

That’s why when Lydia’s school required students to wear a face mask due to COVID-19, Lydia chose a mask with the words “Jesus Loves Me.”

Lydia wanted a mask that was meaningful to her—that expressed her faith. After all, masks have become a new way to express yourself.

And Lydia’s classmates seemed to have the same idea. Other students wore masks displaying popular logos and even “Black Lives Matter.”

But then Lydia’s teacher singled her out and told her she couldn’t wear her special mask to school.

She was even subject to discipline if she wore the mask again!

Alliance Defending Freedom is standing with Lydia and defending her right to free speech and religious freedom in court.

But we also wanted to give YOU a chance to stand with her as well.

Will you stand with Lydia by signing our statement of support?

This is a great opportunity to thank Lydia for standing for our constitutional freedoms.

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