This is a time to celebrate – but our work is not finished yet












As we celebrate the anniversary of the referendum I want to say a massive “thank you” to every one of you who helped us win last year’s referendum, and – as supporters of Change Britain – campaigned for MPs and Lords to respect the referendum result and vote Article 50 through Parliament.


Over the last 12 months we have watched support for leaving the EU grow – at the General Election over 80% of the electorate voted for parties committed to making Britain an independent country. Last week a top trade negotiator from New Zealand was appointed to negotiate new trade agreements with the rest of the world. And this week in Brussels David Davis commenced our exit negotiations with the EU27.

This is an exciting time. As we begin the process of withdrawal we can start to focus on the opportunities that leaving the EU creates for national renewal. Thanks to your hard work every citizen of this country has the chance to ask him or herself: “what sort of country do I want – how should we use Brexit to make Britain stronger, fairer and more prosperous”?

But our work isn’t finished yet. Those who want to stop us from leaving the EU will try to prevent Theresa May’s minority government from passing Brexit legislation through Parliament.

I need you to stay with us. Tens of thousands of Change Britain supporters helped the government get Article 50 through Parliament and we will keep fighting to ensure that the mandate of June 2017 is respected by MPs of the new Parliament and the House of Lords.

Over the next weeks and months we will be campaigning hard to support the government’s Brexit plans. That means mobilising our supporters across the UK, making our arguments in the media and keeping pressure on our MPs to ensure that Brexit actually happens.

Thank you,

Gisela Stuart, Change Britain