This isn’t over yet


Senator Ted Cruz reenergized the conservative movement last night as only he could. We wholeheartedly salute and thank him for his courageous stand.


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But now is not the time to celebrate. Now, more than ever, it’s time to drive our message home!

Please, make your very best contribution of $10, $15, $25, $100, or whatever you can afford to help us continue pushing the Senate to Exempt America from Obamacare.

Tea Party activists all across the country are contacting their Senators around the clock, demanding that they end this national nightmare by any means necessary.

They’re flooding these Senators’ Facebook and Twitter pages with messages. They’re filling their email inboxes. They’re melting the phone lines on Capitol Hill!

But we can’t let up yet. Not in the least.

We MUST keep up the heat on the Senate. We need to continue rallying these activists from coast to coast until the very minute this critical vote is cast.

Please, help us do that by making the very best contribution you can right away.

Things are changing very quickly in Washington, but your online contribution right now can make an immediate, tangible difference in this grassroots effort.

We must continue pushing for unity against the upcoming cloture vote. It’s our only hope of stopping Obamacare before it takes effect.

Please, give whatever you possibly can right away.

Let’s #MakeDCListen,

Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder and National Coordinator

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