Three old failed Parties trying to Talk Tough


Ukips’ Nigel Farage Got a Hat to Get Ahead and Now Has a Lot to Smile About

With the British Local Government elections about to provide a real view of voter wishes, the three old failed Parties are trying to talk tough on what they think voters want to hear.


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Clueless Cameron has decided to bring back an Australian spin doctor and bring another member of the Johnson family into Downing Street as an adviser. Seems Clueless thinks the voters want more Old Etonians in Government.

Red Ed Milliband thought that the answer was to become the champion of institutionalized welfare dependency and seek advice from George “Respect” Galloway who heads up the anti-Semitic left wing group allied to the Greens.

Calamity Clegg thought what was needed was another piece of treachery, this time encouraging a ‘snoopers’ charter’ and then claiming to have killed it off.

Milliband, Clegg and the shadowy pressure group Hacked Off got together to stitch up a really nasty press regulation scheme that even Russia and Iran thought was anti-civil liberty. Unfortunately, for the left coalition, the press came up with their own superior proposals for regulation that exclude political interference in the right to free speech.

While the three old failed Parties trash about trying to find something to win votes, Ukip seems to be steadily building its support across the political spectrum.

From all polling studies, Ukip is set to win a significant number of new votes and may also win many seats, but it remains to be seen if this is enough to make a break through under the first-past-the-post voting system that applies to Local Government elections. The real significance of these elections for Ukip is that they will keep the momentum going towards the European Parliamentary elections in 2014, held on a proportional vote, where Ukip could become the first Party with the largest number of seats, probably giving it an overall majority.

The three old failed Parties still think Ukip is winning anti-EU protest votes which may turn out to be a major mistake. Ukip is now gaining media visibility for the first time and voters are seeing a raft of Ukip policies that they like. Most Ukip supporters probably still place withdrawal from the EU as a priority, but they also like the idea of small government and small taxes, a realistic attitude to immigration, innovative polices to get Britain moving again, and efforts to control Big Brother interference in everyday life.


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