Three Privileged Little Pigs & another MP to be jailed


Left to Right: Tory Cameron, Whig Clegg, National Socialist Milliband

British politics appear to be mired in scandal still.


The May 2010 General Election was supposed to sweep away British political sleaze – no chance.

The ruling elite is carrying on as usual until the next General Election when the three failed old Parties will suddenly each claim to be whiter than the others and have an immediate solution to every problem.

The trouble is that there is really no great difference between the three old failed Parties or their leadership. Each is headed by former public school boys who studied politics, went to Oxford or Cambridge, where they studied more politics, and then got themselves jobs in the three old failed Parties, where they succeeded in rising without trace until they ended up in the leadership positions. They drip privilege and entitlement and none of them have ever done any real work or considered any career outside politics. As long as this situation continues there is little hope that corruption and sleaze will ever be swept aside.

The Whigs were the first political Party in the world. They were also known as the Country Party because they represented the landowners and the wealthy. Shortly after they formed, the Tory Party was founded and was also known as the Court Party because it supported the Monarch and the Establishment. Then in the Nineteenth Century a Methodist-based social party was formed under the name of Labour. This Party was taken over by National Socialists but retain the name of Labour Party in much the same way that Hitler took over a social revolutionary Party in Germany. In the 1920s the Whigs were thrown out of office because voters tired of their corruption, lies and scandals. The two wings of the National Socialist Party began to war. The Stalinists triumphed and the Mussolini faction went off to form their own Party as the first National Socialist Government of Ramsey Macdonald failed. Of the three Parties, only the Tories managed to establish a reputation for sound governance and their two peaks were in providing World War II leader Churchill (who originally had been a Whig) and Thatcher who saved Britain from economic destruction.

“Wallace” Milliband claimed that the voters of Oldham East and Saddleworth were fools and would vote for who ever Labour put up as a candidate and at first sight he seems to be right. On closer inspection, the electors of “Sad & Old”, as the constituency is often called, voted in a new National Socialist MP with only 500 more votes than their candidate won in the May 2010 General Election ( the new election being called because that candidate was found to have lied to the electors – although that seems to be what many MPs routinely do without being debarred). The Whip vote collapsed and would have been even worse if Tory Leader “Flashman” Cameron hadn’t begged Tory voters to vote for the Whig candidate to help hold the Brokeback Coalition together. Naturally, the Tory candidate came a very poor third as his traditional voters followed orders and voted Whig or simply stayed away from the polling booths.

Shadow Chancellor “Postman Pat” Johnson resigned as National Socialist Shadow. We are not sure what the real personal reasons were – could it have really because his wife had a steamy affair with his police bodyguard who was also apparently having a steamy affair with another woman at the same time? or because Johnson rumoured to be having an affair with someone else? or because of some scandal involving Johnson that has yet to emerge?

“Wallace” Milliband, buoyed by the dubious election result as “Old & Sad” decided to replace the departing Johnson with “Fatboy” Balls. “Fatboy” was a “Bottler” Brown acolyte who was closely involved in all of the actions that have come so close to destroying the British economy, and with a double dip recession hovering around the corner, his actions may yet destroy the British economy. “Fatboy” is yet another privileged public schoolboy and Oxbridge student who will now be shadowing Chancellor Osbourne who went to a more expensive public schools but enjoyed a similar privileged University education.

“van Clogg” Clegg the Whig Leader is trying to avoid becoming invisible and like the Tory and National Socialist Leaders claimed a great victory at “Sad & Old”. He is furious at the vigorous fight being put up by National Socialist in the House of Cronies to his treasured electoral “reform” bill which was key to persuading the Whigs to join a coalition with the Tories to form a Government in May 2010

Waiting to hear how long he will be serving in jail is House of Cronies Member Lord Taylor, the first Black Peer to be found guilty of fraud.

So nothing really changes and it won’t until a new Party emerges to sweep away the three old failed Parties.

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