– Time for A Brexit Wake-up Call

September 24th, 2021

The past week and half since our last e-Bulletin has certainly been a busy one, no doubt the biggest news stories have been both the Cabinet reshuffle and the announcement of a new military pact between Australia, the UK and the USA – known as AUKUS.

The new Agreement is aimed at countering the growth of China in the Indo-Pacific region, with the first step towards this goal being the development of 8 ‘nuclear-powered’, but ‘traditionally armed’ submarines for use by the Australian Navy. However, more cooperation between the three nations will follow, including collaboration on cyber-warfare, artificial intelligence and long-range strike capabilities, as well as increased cooperation between the UK and the USA on nuclear defence programmes.

Regardless of the weaponry onboard these new submarines, this deal is a significant agreement, and firmly places the UK at the forefront of the Western pushback against the growth of China. Not only this, but in my view, it should set the standard for the future of the UK’s approach to securing a so-called ‘Global Britain’.

The cherry on top of this cake, is the fact it means the agreement which Australia signed with France and the EU in 2016 – worth £65 billion – to deliver 12 ‘non-nuclear’ French-built attack submarines, has now been rendered null and void, with the Aussies much preferring to now use the enhanced skills and technology possessed by UK and American engineers. It is no surprise the Aussies wanted out of their deal with the French, not only was their tech out of date, French officials consistently tried to renege on parts of the deal in order to move jobs and investment away from Australia and into French dockyards. A level of untrustworthiness from the French we in the UK have come to know all too well in recent years.

Unsurprisingly this has sent the EU into a spin, rapidly trying to save face and promote their security credentials:

  • French President Emmanuel Macron has reportedly responded by offering the EU control over France’s permanent veto on the UN Security Council – a power only 5 countries hold (the UK, the USA, China, Russia and France). In return Macron wants to push on with a far more ambitious form of an EU Army with a single Foreign and Security policy for the whole of the EU. Remember when we were all told we were mad for claiming this would happen! It’s worth pointing out Macron will be fighting for his own political survival in the French Presidential Elections next year.
  • With the German elections taking place this Sunday, September 26th, Angela Merkel will finally be leaving office as Chancellor of Germany, as a result the whole of Europe is set to see a power vacuum – one President Macron seems desperate to fill ahead of his EU competitors, and this EU Army play seems to be his big shot.
  • In response to AUKUS the French have also recalled their ambassadors to both the USA and Australia – but not the UK!, and have put pressure on Brussels to cancel all trade talks with Australia, which have been going on since 2018. The pettiness of the French really does seem to know no bounds, showing why time and again businesses and countries seem to prefer to do business with the far more reliable and sensible UK.
  • The Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte was quickly sent over to meet Boris Johnson last week, in an attempt to try and mediate a new deal between the UK and the EU for defence cooperation. This is an offer we must not accept. If we did, we would again be bound to the EU defence programmes – programmes which would have made the AUKUS deal impossible!
  • We have also seen the President of the USA, Joe Biden, try to make peace – in retrospect – with the French. In a call with President Macron, President Biden said the USA would not make any more deals behind Paris’s back! Frankly, all this tells me is you can only trust President Biden as far as you can throw him – or what he can remember – and he will say whatever he thinks is needed in order to brush problems under the carpet. It is no wonder his ‘minders’ are so anxious to control him and keep him reading from his pre-prepared scripts. We really need to question who is actually controlling the United States of America!

Before I continue – Get Britain Out still needs to try and continue our fight to deliver a Real Brexit for the entire United Kingdom for as long as we can. However, we cannot do so if we cannot pay our bills – and I can reassure you, I have done as much as I can to reduce our costs, including cancelling our office contract a few months ago. Both myself and my staff all work from home – and we remain in constant contact by phone and e-mail.

Sadly, donations are still dropping off and while huge donors may be possible, we simply do not have the time to undertake such a donation drive. In addition, from experience, the campaign would need to change with ‘cash for influence’ being expected- which is something I have always tried to avoid, making sure we can always discuss the issues which matter to our grassroots supporters. Brexit is far ‘Done’, and while most other campaigns have shut up shop, or have had to switch focus, we are still winning victories and calling out the failures of Westminster.

If you can afford to donate to help us continue our work, it would be very very much appreciated – and to those of you who have already donated or donate regularly – a massive thank you.

With the EU in a spin the Prime Minister has been very busy:

  • Last Wednesday-week, the Prime Minister began a comprehensive reshuffle of his Cabinet, with arguably the biggest changes being Liz Truss earning a promotion to Foreign Secretary and Michael Gove being moved to the renamed ‘Department for Levelling-up, Housing and Communities’ – bigging up the original brief of Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government! While a change was definitely needed to shake things up in Government, unless the Prime Minister properly reinvigorates the ambition of his Government, we will see more of the same. You can see the full make-up of the new Cabinet and whether they backed Brexit HERE .
  • The PM has also spent the last week in the USA at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, and meeting President Biden at The White House, where they reportedly discussed security, climate change and trade. However, the Prime Minister left The White House stating “The Joe Biden Administration is not doing international trade deals at the moment…”  Something which the Prime Minister and the new Secretary of State for International Trade, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, will need to change.

In some good news, last week the Government also announced they would be making changes to the backwards and ludicrously harsh laws on units of measure which can be used in this country. When we joined the EU, businesses across the country were forced to adopt the Metric system rather than the Imperial system – regardless of their size. Those who did not switch to the Metric system, faced huge fines and even forced closure. However, thanks to pressure from Get Britain Out and others, these harsh fines are being cancelled and market stalls and shops of all kinds will be free to make their own decisions on which units they use. A small win undoubtedly, but one which sets the tone for a reduction in Government interference and breaking away from the EU’s love of uniformity.

However, where there is good – there is undoubtedly bad with this Government, and there are a number of areas where this ambition to break away from the EU is nowhere to be seen:

  • The UK is unfortunately still signed up to the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) – via the Withdrawal Agreement – an Agreement, which makes a mockery of our national sovereignty, allowing any UK citizen to be arrested, extradited and confined to jail in any country signed up to the EAW. This could be done be via a UK judge and specifically at the request of any EU Prosecutor – with little or no evidence required.
  • Not only is this a possible threat to any UK citizen who could end up being locked away on the Continent for months on end while under investigation, we could also see the EAW utilised by our EU competitors to manipulate our elections or the economy. All it would take is for some grounds to be filed by an EU prosecutor – no matter how flimsy – to begin an investigation, and a UK judge would be obligated to extradite the individual to sit in a foreign jail until being released from prison when proved innocent. You can read more about the EAW in an article by Torquil Dick-Erikson in the links for our published articles below.
  • With the UK and other countries across the world currently undergoing a gas shortage, the critical failure of the Government not to secure the UK’s energy independence is becoming very clear. Instead of having consistent domestic energy sources like nuclear, fracking and even coal, we are now dependent on importing energy from not just France, but hostile states like Russia. Instead of investing in our own infrastructure, we continue to dance to the EU’s tune, building further power cables to France and moving at a snails pace when it comes to cutting away red tape on energy production regulatory reform in our own country.
  • NEWS JUST IN: Thankfully it does seem the Government is paying some attention though, and has today confirmed they are in detailed talks with the nuclear power company Westinghouse, over a potential new plant in Wales, which could power over 6 million homes!
  • On Northern Ireland, we are still at a roadblock with a complete failure to take control of the situation by those in Government. Lord Frost has demanded issues are resolved “urgently”. Meanwhile, the EU Commission Vice-President, Maroš Šefčovič, has said the issue has until Christmas to be resolved. Despite both sides apparently understanding a change is necessary, the EU still has to respond to the UK’s proposals made back in June!  Frankly, if the EU will not play ball, then we should be walking away by triggering Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, to force the EU’s hand. We made the mistake of not pushing back harder under Theresa May, and look what that achieved!

All these issues, while significant, are just the start. So please keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels and future e-Bulletins for Get Britain Out continuing to expose the many, many other areas of regulation and compliance where the Government needs to break away from the EU. It is now 9 months on from the UK’s official exit from the European Union, yet it has taken until this week for the Government to announce a Commission to investigate which EU laws, copied into UK Law, need to be changed. Meaning we are still months, if not years away from seeing changes, a needless delay which will have cost jobs and investment into the UK.
We are also in the process of finalising some research on this, so watch out for the results in our next e-Bulletin!

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