Time for a Brexiteer Prime Minister

The Tory Leadership race has now imposed itself on the Brexit process. Last Friday, Theresa May finally resigned as Prime Minister, but will stay on as Interim Prime Minister until after a series of votes by Tory MPs and a postal vote by Party Members.


The United Kingdom can’t wait to move on from May’s premiership, but the PM’s resignation must also mean the end of her Brexit Deal. The EU have constantly told us it’s the only Deal on the table, and refuse to negotiate further. However, it now seems President Macron of France is lobbying fellow EU leaders to present Britain with a ‘take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum’ on May’s rubbish deal at next week’s EU Summit. Macron wants EU chiefs to issue a warning to our future Prime Minister that failure to accept the current terms will lead to No Deal on October 31st. Get Britain Out says “Bring it on – we want ‘No Deal’ WTO terms – and as soon as possible”! Isn’t it about time Macron sorted out his own country, before he tries to interfere with Britain’s interests?

Meanwhile, most Tory Leadership hopefuls constantly talk of having a new plan for leaving, but as before there are scant details. They must wake up to the reality of the benefits of a WTO Terms Brexit. It’s the only way to secure a comprehensive Brexit and a subsequent Free Trade Deal with the EU.

Boris Johnson leads the race so far, after the first vote by Tory MPs he has gained 114 votes. Jeremy Hunt is his nearest rival on 43. It looks like Johnson will win one of the final two places for candidates to be put before the Conservative Party Membership. Today he gained the endorsement of Labour Peer Lord Sugar, who highlighted Johnson’s commitment to business’s success in the UK. Not wanting to spook anything with predictions, it seems Boris is the current hot favourite to win the vote by the Membership, thus becoming our next Conservative Leader and Prime Minister.

As a leading figure within the Vote Leave campaign, and having served two terms as a successful Mayor of London, going on to serve for almost two years as our Foreign Secretary, he has a proven track record of delivering on the world stage. We are pleased he has promised to deliver Brexit by October 31st – come what may.

If you want to read more about Boris Johnson and the other Tory Leadership hopefuls, you can find our breakdown of the candidates here.

The second ballot by Conservative MPs will be next Tuesday, June 18th and Boris Johnson has announced he will take part in a Leadership Debate on BBC One at 8pm that same evening. Those still standing will need at least 33 votes to proceed to the next round of the ballot on June 19th. If all candidates receive at least 33 votes, the one with the fewest votes will be eliminated – if the bottom two end up with the same number of votes, there is no mention in the rules about a tie-break! The final ballot by MPs will be on June 20th.  Each time, the candidate with the fewest votes will be eliminated. From June 22nd qualifying Tory Party Members will be able apply to participate in hustings around the country with the final two candidates, and they will also be able to take part in a postal vote on these final 2contenders.

Hustings are the best way to get to know the candidates. These events are just for Members, and you should be receiving details of where hustings are taking place from The Conservative Party, but you need to register before you attend each event. You can register here.

The new Prime Minister will be announced during the week commencing July 22nd, following the postal ballot of qualifying Tory Party Members.

Frustratingly, the media’s common theme so far has been to ascertain if any of the leadership hopefuls have taken any Class A drugs in their early teens or during their career. Not quite the vital information the public expects from national TV political editors and the news media. There has been little to no questioning on policy or putting candidates on the spot about Brexit. We need to know the answers to these important questions if we are to invest in one of these leadership hopefuls who will have such a powerful role as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

This week in the House of Commons, Labour tried to claim control over Parliamentary time on June 25th, to legally stop a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. However, Labour was defeated by 309 votes to 298 – a majority of 11. So, a No Deal WTO terms Brexit is still very much alive and kicking. With this latest failed attempt to destroy Brexit, it seems Labour have now acknowledged there will be no more opportunities for Labour or rebel Tory MPs to take control of Parliament between now and October 31st. In effect the Speaker, John Bercow and Remain-obsessed MPs have failed to block the will of the British people. Our new Tory Prime Minister must seize this opportunity and push forward towards a true Brexit.

No Deal preparations have been well underway for some time, but have been frustrated by the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, blatantly withholding promised funding. However, the majority of businesses have been ready on the starting block for some time and Boris Johnson, amongst others, have prioritised finishing No Deal preparations, to quash negative Project Fear accusations of No Deal meaning falling off a ‘cliff edge’.

Since our last e-Bulletin the desire of the British people to Leave the EU with No Deal received an emphatic vindication when Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party stormed to victory in the EU Elections. Running on a No Deal-supporting platform, they secured 31.6% of the vote and obliterated the Conservatives into 5th place – only gaining 9.1% of the vote! The Brexit Party also stood in the Peterborough by-election and finished 2nd to Labour, losing by only 600 votes. For a less than 5-month old Party, these results are remarkable and a clear and unambiguous message from the British people to the establishment Parties a No Deal Brexit is the Brexit we all want delivered. The next Conservative Party Leader should be very aware of the consequences should they fail to deliver a clean and clear Brexit.

Amidst the Tory Leadership race and the European Elections, United States President, Donald Trump, came to London for his State Visit, and gave a ringing endorsement to both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage (who Trump met at the US Ambassador’s residence, Winfield House). Trump held a 20-minute phone conversation with Boris Johnson, who was also able to attend the Tory Party’s Leadership hustings that evening, unlike his rivals who attended the President’s Dinner at Winfield House, in Regent’s Park. The tactic was effective, ensuring Boris had the support of the US President as well as his Party Members. Trump reminded the British public of the “phenomenal Trade Deal” between the UK and the US which awaits us when the UK has left the EU. It is imperative the UK Leaves the EU on WTO Terms so we can finalise this and other trade deals around the world and begin to prosper from the global future the Brexit vote has opened for us. If we are trapped within Mrs May’s ghastly Withdrawal Agreement, these opportunities will be lost to us, as we will be tied to the apron strings of the European Union, and the increasing financial obligations they will be certain to demand from us.

For the first time since June 2017 we will soon have a new Prime Minister, chosen not only by MPs, but also by the Tory Party Membership. The new Leader will have a new Brexit vision and direction. The future of Brexit is looking brighter than it has in many months! It is finally the time for a PM who actually believes in the United Kingdom, and who is unafraid to stand up to Brussels and truly fight for our great Country. With Brussels knowing we will soon have a new Prime Minister who has been voted in by the People, following on from the People’s Vote in the EU Referendum, if the EU does not want to be sensible about the future relationship between the UK and the EU, there are plenty of other countries around the world who do!


Please continue to write to your MP and ensure their mailbox is full. Your voice MUST be heard and listened to. The voice of Brexit must not be forgotten, and it would be great if you could continue to play your part. If you have already written, please please do so again. It is vital MPs understand your anger, and the possible consequences of trying to stop Brexit.

URGENT: We urge all Conservative Party Members to vote for a proper long-standing and committed Brexiteer as Prime Minister when you get the chance in the final postal ballot.

In order to ensure a Brexiteer reaches this final stage, we ask all of you to write again to your local Conservative MP as soon as possible, asking them to support a strong Brexiteer candidate as Prime Minister. You can find our editable template letter here

All you need to do is print it out, add your contact details and the details we have indicated. Or you can cut and paste it into a fresh document to amend. Please remember, you must include your address, as it confirms you live in their Constituency and they are your MP. You can find out who your MP is and how to contact them here.

Good luck. This is REALLY important, and please let us know how get on: email info@getbritainout.org

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  1. Our Director, Jayne Adye, was quoted in The Metro, lambasting Michel Barnier for claiming the UK’s vote to Leave the EU was a product of ‘nostalgia’.
  2. Get Britain Out was quoted in The Daily Express, arguing Non-EU international students should not be forced to pay grotesque University fees.
  3. Research Executive, Joel Casement, writing for The Commentator, has argued that Philip Hammond must follow Theresa May and leave front line politics.
  4. Research Executive, Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie, has written on Theresa May’s Resignation and how it has been long awaited by all Brexiteers.

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Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team

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