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Margot Parker UK Indepence Party Candidate for the Corby by-election

With the UK Independence Party already ahead of the LibDems in national polls, the Corby by-election offers an ideal and historic opportunity for the UK Independence Party and for the Corby and East Northants Voters.


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Margot Parker is a new breed of contender for a Parliamentary seat. She has lived for eighteen years in the Corby constituency and her father, like many Corby inhabitants, came from Scotland looking for work to support himself and his seven children. Margot has solid experience as an entrepreneur with experience of the real world. Margot only became involved in politics 2009, frustrated by the incompetence of the three old failed Parties and the strangling regulation from Brussels, but she has made her mark, helping local commerce and working hard to help the staff of Aquascutum to receive bonuses and redundancy payments when the 100 year old British company was hived off abroad with the further loss of British manufacturing jobs.

So Margot has all the qualities that are required of a constituency MP and freedom from the heritage of failure that surrounds New Labour, LibCons and LibDems.

She has to fight all three of the failed old Parties for votes and the UK Independence Party has to fund an aggressive campaign and rapidly build up a constituency campaign staff. That is the challenge but there are also the opportunities both for the UK Independence Party and the Corby and East Northants voters.

The LibDems hardly merit a mention, far behind the other two old failed Parties and showing less than their poor national showing in voter intention polls.

The Conservatives, or LibCons as they have become, have badly let down the voters by parachuting a chicklit author in at the last General Election. She seems to have been more interested in what Corby and East Northants could do for her than how she might serve the voters. Having decided there was less in it for her than she expected, she resigned her seat causing the upcoming by-election. Senior Tories have already written off the seat at the by-election, creating the opportunity for Tory voters to defect to the UK Independence Party with a clear conscience, as so many Local Government Councilors have been doing around the country. In fact there seems little reason for a Tory voter to waste a vote on the Tory candidate and every reason to vote for Margot.

New Labour is also in a deservedly poor position. It has consistently let down the Corby and East Northants voters over decades. The only reason for voting for New Labour would to protest against the Tories for the Mensch fiasco. The more productive option is to vote for Margot who can make a very real and historic difference. Her background is one that Labour candidates would once kill for with solid working roots, grammar school education, working mother, champion of the redundant local workers. For any New Labour voter who wants to send a very strong message to the three old failed Parties there is no better way than voting for Margot.

The upcoming Corby and East Northants by-election offers all local voters a once in a lifetime opportunity. Margot has already demonstrated her commitment to the local people and businesses so that she has all of the credentials that a hard working constituency MP needs and which are needed in an MP by the voters. She offers assurance that she will represent their interests with vigor against the vested interests that have become the British political environment. With less than three years to the next General Election, any voter with a tradition for voting for a failed Party this is an ideal protest vote that will not directly change the Parliamentary balance but will send a shock wave through the three old failed Parties who have arrogantly taken voters for granted for so long. For the UK Independence Party, the election of Margo would demonstrate that they can win in a first past the post election system and open up future British elections. The UK Independence Party has already demonstrated in European Parliamentary elections that it can defeat New Labour and the LibDems to come second to the Tories. Current voter intentions show that they stand a very good chance of coming first at the next European Parliamentary elections due in 2014.

The most interesting factor is that, in addition to strong local advantages from Margot, as a strong local candidate, the UK Independence Party is very strongly supported nationally by majorities of those who traditionally have voted for one of the three old failed Parties. As the only British Party to set out an unequivocal policy on Europe, the UK Independence Party has no rival. With a comprehensive suite of policies, UKIP has clear policies that enjoy overwhelming support across the country. That position has now to be cemented with a seat at Westminster.





The UK Independence Party has set out their stall for the upcoming Corby and East Northants by-election

UKIP’s candidate for the upcoming by-election in Corby and East Northants is local businesswoman and mother-of-two Margot Parker.

Margot has lived in Corby and East Northants for 18 years, and in the area all her life. Her father came down from Scotland to look for work, and carved a life for himself and his family of seven – through hard work and dedication.

“My Dad worked hard to give us a good start in life,” says Margot. “I’ve been a successful businesswoman, working in the community and building a future for my own kids. But what are we doing for the next generation? We have to fight for our children’s future, before it’s too late.”

Margot insists we must–
• Create jobs for our youngsters
• Rebuild our world-beating manufacturing industries
• End open-border immigration
• Stop taxing workers on minimum wage
• Stop sending £53m a day to prop up failed EU economies
• Train our children to succeed and win

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Margot Parker: our candidate for Corby and East Northants

Margot has lived in the constituency for many years, latterly in Weldon, after her father moved to the area from Scotland to find work and she has inherited his entrepreneurial spirit.

A grammar school girl, she believes that everybody, from whatever background, must have the opportunity to access a decent education, no matter where they live and no matter who they are.

Margot has worked and run businesses in from telecoms to fashion and spent some time as a fashion buyer for a large South American retailer. She has spent 15 years as European advisor and spokesperson for the promotional products industry working in a voluntary capacity with the trade associations advising mainly SMEs.

In recognition of her services to industry Margot was made a fellow of the British Promotional Merchandise Association and was awarded its Sword of Honour in 2007.

Among other campaigns Margot has been involved in fighting the exploitation of child labour in the global garment industry.

Margot became involved in politics only in 2009 after becoming frustrated by the way that growth was being hampered by a raft of anti-business regulation from Brussels, and the way in which our lives are being increasingly undermined by the government’s need to micro-manage every aspect.

She passionately believes we must have politicians who can regain the respect of the British people, and not be seen as self-serving, a persistent and real criticism of the last incumbent MP for Corby and East Northants constituency.

When we call for integrity in the City of London, the same is expected and demanded from our MPs, a fact she will never overlook.

Here in Corby she feels that the biggest problem is the scourge of unemployment, specifically youth unemployment which has nearly doubled in the past 12 months.

In the light of this she worked hard with the staff of the local Aquascutum place when it closed, fighting to secure earned staff bonuses and redundancy payments unpaid. It was a tragedy that a British company over 100 years old had to be hived off elsewhere in the world meaning further precious manufacturing was lost by Northamptonshire.

She has been a vocal critic of the local New-Labour Council over the ‘The Cube’ council building which has so far overspent by a full 25% or £12 million. The Audit Committee report and accounts are eagerly awaited. When it becomes available the report is widely expected to show a monumental level of incompetence in cost control by local councillors. There are similar concerns which arise from the sale of land to Tesco in Corby.

Meanwhile, there are different issues in East Northants affecting 45% of the constituency’s total population.

UKIP raised public concern over attempts to build a wind farm in Lyveden New Bield, currently progressing through the High Court, but Margot says we must remain vigilant as the heavily-subsidised wind industry will certainly be back.

The villages and other small towns in the constituency are of huge importance and Margot is determined that the UKIP message reaches them.

Margot is married to husband Fred and has two grown-up sons and a granddaughter.

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