Tory ‘Contract’ was a Con Trick, here’s why…


Dave Camoron, World-Class Liar

Do you remember this newsletter (below) from David Cameron and the Conservatives?

It was published when they weren’t looking like winning in 2010 and were begging for your vote. It contained what they called a “contract” between the Conservative Party and the British people, telling voters that they would reduce immigration “to the levels of the 1990s – meaning tens of thousands a year”.

Well over the last 48 hours we’ve learned it wasn’t a contract. It was a con trick.

tory CONtract


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Net migration is now 16,000 higher than when the Tories took office. Watch the video below for more.

video play


The figures, along with Mr Cameron’s hodgepodge of a speech this morning, prove the Tories have been an abject failure, despite countless promises to the public.

So let’s hold them to their side of the “contract” which read: “If we don’t deliver our side of the bargain, vote us out in five years’ time”.

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Nigel Farage

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